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Totally delicious and totally boho! Meet one of our favorite new makers, Liz Welch, creator of Bake Hard Bakery. She makes the most detailed and fun cookies, pastries and sweets. They are little delicious works of art! Foxes, Dreamcatchers, Geodes, and more, these cookies are boho magic. I talked to Liz about her work.

BB: When did you learn how to bake?

LW: My mom always baked growing up and cooked from scratch every night. So cooking in general and learning a ton of different cuisines was a huge part of growing up. I started baking for money in high school and then spent 4 years after college running bakeries and training cake decorators for a gourmet grocery store chain across Texas and New Mexico.


BB: Do you cook savory as well or just bake and why?

LW: I cook savory just as much and I bake. I eat paleo so everything is homemade down to things like mayonnaise and ketchup. I love food in general and spent a lot of years working in restaurants and exploring different cuisines.

geode cookies by bake hard bakery dallas

BB: What is your personal favorite dessert?

LW: My favorite is an Australian dessert called Pavlova. It’s a meringue filled with delicious fruit like kiwis and passion fruit. My family lived in Australia for about 8 years so that flavor is an instant time machine back to growing up there.

cactus cookies by bake hard bakery

BB: What is your favorite dessert to make for others?

LW: Whether it’s cookies or a wedding cake, I love creating anything that makes the recipient feel special! Cookies are such a great canvas because they’re tiny pieces of art and can be personalized for anyone.

BB: What is everyone’s must try at Pop Shop Houston?

LW: Try to Birthday Cake Cookies! They’re a brand new flavor we haven’t featured at a market yet that taste just like Funfetti Cake Batter.

dreamcatcher cookies by bake hard bakery
BB: Your family is also very creative! Does that inspire you? 

LW: I grew up in a household where everyone was constantly doing something creative– we were always making and experimenting and creating in some form. They’ve been an unending source of support for my whole life, and were my biggest cheerleaders when I quit my job in the corporate bakery world to go solo. Now that the business is getting more and more successful, they help constantly doing things like cutting labels, making dough, and of course taste testing!

unicorn cookies bake hard bakery - pop shop america

BB: What is the best place for people to find your sweet treats?

LW: Etsy is the best place to reach me and either purchase something in the shop or request a custom order. Instagram is also great- we do monthly giveaways through IG.

liz welch owner of bake hard bakery dallas tx

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