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Here’s a New Year’s Resolution that takes less than an hour and will add benefits bigger than you can imagine. Get your dresser cleaned up! This is one of those spaces that can be ignored so easily and turn into a place where you throw stuff down before bed without thinking about it too much.

Instead let’s turn into into a shrine of sleeping because having a calm, orderly room will help you relax. This is about letting go and perfect for anyone that makes or collects handmade.Β So grab a trash can and bring it nearby. Here’s some tips and inspiration to get this little organizing project done.


(Before. This is super embarrassing!)


  • Since I love handmade so much, everything on my dresser has a story. Step 1 – Let that go.
  • Make it a place you want to see first thing when you wake up and last thing when you go to sleep.


  • Don’t leave cleaning supplies, lotions, etc. out. Especially if it’s in a normal looking bottle. Only leave items on the dresser that look really stunning and that represent your style. Put everything else in cabinets or hidden away to give a fresh clean minimalist look.
  • Don’t necessarily get rid of something just because you can’t find it’s match. The one earring or mismatched cuff link can be totally great.


(A Special Place for My Favorite Things: Dino Brooch by LuxCups, Ring by Potions, Temporary Tattoos by Lisa Chow)


  • Walk around the house and find pieces you left by the shower or by the front door. This is an opportunity to get all of your items back where they belong.
  • Do get rid of any jewelry or accessories that don’t fit or are uncomfortable.


  • Don’t forget to clean and dust everything thoroughly. Jewelry/change holders/wallets and other items you keep on a dresser can gather so much dust. Guys – here’s a good opportunity to clean receipts and business cards out of your wallet.
  • Don’t fill up your entire dresser with items. Leave plenty of room for extra books, your water bottle or whatever items you move around a lot.


(Vintage Unicorns Found on 19th St Houston Heights Resale Shops)


  • Keep a book, or several books, on your dresser. Consider keeping one around that means a lot to you or helps you feel happy.
  • Make a shrine or keep some cool objects on there that make you feel happy. For me, it’s unicorns and stones.
  • Do add a small lamp. I actually keep this on at night and for some reason it helps both my boyfriend and I sleep better.


(Kawaii Heart Mirror by Mochi Mochi, Stones such as Lepidolite & Amethyst, Sage Smudge Wand)




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