10 Handmade Artists to Follow on Instagram

Love Birds Goods Handmade Wedding Cake Toppers | Shop Handmade Wedding on Etsy

Pictures! Instagram is a whole lot of fun and is just perfect for artists and makers.

We want to see what you are making and how you are making it. We want to peer through your eyes and see your world. It’s part of what makes art in the contemporary age so fun. So here are 10 artists and makers instagram accounts that are absolute eye candy!

tiny deer studio artists to follow on instagram | jessica lopez porcelain menagerie photography houston tx

Tiny Deer Studio

Tiny Deer Studio’s Instagram is a menagerie of vintage porcelain animals and bright color blocking. It’s a vintage world that feels anachronistic. The vintage animals seem stuck in a modern world. This instagram is cool, heartwarming, and colorful. Tiny Deer Studio is a photo based product line that incorporates these color blocked menageries into prints, collectables, postcards, and fine art.

Superleftee Artists to Follow on Instagram


Superleftee is an instagram of black and white sketches. These sketches are special because they’re all drawn with a left hand by a professional graphic designer that’s extremely talented, but happens to be right handed. The illustrations are awkward yet complex and detailed with wobbly lines. The illustrations span all kinds of subjects from magical animals to inanimate objects. The drawings are both simple and profound.

Love Birds Goods Handmade Wedding Cake Toppers | Shop Handmade Wedding on Etsy

Love Birds Goods

Love Birds Goods’ Instagram is sure to make you smile! Molly Joon is also a graphic designer turned maker and runs a wedding goods company that specializes in tiny hand painted wooden wedding toppers. They are small and detailed. She paints glasses, cool hair-do’s and outfits, and puppies and kittens too. She creates teeny-tiny wedding banners for the cake toppers like the one shown here.

Lux Cups Artists to Follow on Instagram

Lux Cups

Libby and John say about their work, “We focus most of our posts on three things: process, product and puppies!  Process: Since we love seeing the behind-the-scenes photos other artists share, we include photos of our process from our small studio for others to enjoy.  Product: Because of its simplicity, Instagram is the perfect visual platform to share our new fun and colorful pieces.  Puppies: Our feed would’t be complete without photos of our fur babies, Yoshi & Porkchop. Tune in on Mondays for our weekly #PupMeUp photo starring our two adorable miniature schnauzers.”

We wanted to highlight Lux Cups as one of the artists to follow on instagram because they are fun and cheery. Their handmade art and accessories are professionally staged packaged and not anything like what you’ve ever seen!

Height of Vintage Instagram Artists to Follow | Vintage Clothing Boutiques Houston TX

Height of Vintage

Height of Vintage is a vintage clothing company run out of a vintage airstream. She is also one of the founders of Fashion Truck Collection at City Centre, Fashion Truck Festival at Liberty Station, and co-organizes Mister Man, a pop up shop for Men, with us here at Pop Shop America.

Her instagram is full of shoppable, wearable, and affordable vintage clothing. Some of the clothing is a part of her collection, some is from The Height of Vintage Etsy, and some you can find at Fashion Truck Collection Boutique. It’s an array of women’s clothing, kid’s clothing, and lots of fun stuff in between.

gray gardens granola artists to follow on instagram | handmade granola company houston

Gray Gardens Granola

Alicia says about her instagram GrayGardensHTX, “I’m inspired by my fellow makers and small business owners to stay creative. We toil away, forever sometimes. It often seems like no one knows how hard we’re working until we interact with our customers at market events and all that effort feels worth it.

I’m also inspired by my background in baking and pastry and approach new blends like I’m building a dessert, pulling various spices, dried fruits, nuts, etc from the pantry to play with. I test and tweak until I find a balance I’m satisfied with.”

Alicia’s Instagram account is full of earthy, foodie yumminess. And you can see her style of craftsman creations in all of the warm tones, wood backgrounds, and artfully designed elements of her photos.

la fashion snob artists to follow on instagram | La Fashion Snob Fashion Blog Texas | Heather Petrey

LA Fashion Snob

LA Fashion Snob is the blog of Heather Petrey owner of Lonestar Vintage. Heather participates in Pop Shop Houston events and writes for the Pop Shop America blog occasionally as well. Her style is just out of this world! Lately she’s been custom redesigning vintage pieces into newer, weirder wearables. Her style is exciting. She’s often hanging at fun events that will get you excited about fashion in Houston and blogging.

It’s ironic because Heather is so nice and relatable. Nothing about it is “snobby” or elitist as the name would imply. Instead it’s a very forward thinking and approachable form of fashion.

Jaz Henry Art Artists to Follow on Instagram

Jaz Henry Art

We included Jaz Henry in our Artists to Follow on Instagram list and Nirvana recently wrote this blog post about her work as well. I love it when artists create multi-photo pieces on their Instagram. The kind that is best viewed when you are looking at their page, rather than the individual post. And I love it even more when those posts get out of whack like Jaz Henry’s.

Her work is so thoughtful, it’s the kind of art that you want to look at over and over. And because she works with cyanotypes, a photography process that creates blue pieces, it’s so color coordinated that’s in fun to see in social media form.

Solocosmo Instagram Artists to Follow | Solocosmo Jessica Von Braun Artwork

Jessica Von Braun

SoloCosmo’s Instagram is part family time, part comic con attending, and part art. You can really see the life of the artists and the good times that can be had living an artistic lifestyle.

There are also lots of hand illustrated commissions that you can see unfold as they are first sketched and then later completed, happy customers, and amazing comic-con costumes. Jessica’s work is a unique blend full of big eyed girls and fan art characters. She paints in watercolor, sketches, and creates digital art as well.

See more of her work on her Etsy here.

Rongrong DeVoe Fashion Illustrator Artists to Follow on Instagram

Rongrong DeVoe

Rongrong says about her artwork, “I am a fashion artist which means most of my drawings and products are fashion and lifestyle related. I often get inspired by fashion magazines, designers collections and everyday lifestyle fashion. I share a lot of my inspirations on pinterest because it’s one of my favorite social media platforms.”

Let’s Stay Friends!

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