DIY Mud Masks Perfect for the Summer

5 Summer DIY Mud Masks

Guest Post by Meighan Sembrano

In today’s society, we are always jumping from one activity to another. We are working ourselves harder and barely taking any time out to focus on ourselves. If you do have a moment to breathe, many people have been turning to routines to help them relax and distress. Admit it: going to a spa is a perfect way to do just this.

Spas are excellent, make you feel clean, and therapeutic as well, but Spas are horribly expensive. Sure I’d love to have a professional massage once a week while undergoing facial treatment, but I do not have the funds. So instead, I tap into my creative side and make any of these mud masks from ingredients and materials at home:

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  1. Morning Wake Up Mask

This mud mask is perfect for ridding your complexion of facial wrinkles. Wrinkles are caused by age, dehydration and unfortunately, stress. Essentially, it is nearly impossible to avoid getting wrinkles. This mud mask is simple to create to fight against aging features. Naturally, blend the following ingredients together and apply on the skin.

  • A handful of blueberries
  • A small number of large strawberries
  • A tablespoon of organic yogurt

Not only is this mask extremely easy to make, but the vitamins in the blueberries are also known to combat wrinkles. Studies have proved that application or insertion of vitamin E to the body improves facial wrinkles if applied on the skin for a minimum of two weeks. Luckily, vitamin E is found in a range of foods from nuts, to fish and fruits, like the blueberries for this mud mask.

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  1. Simple Honey Mask

Hands-down the easiest mud mask on this list, mixing a few drops of lemon juice (or lemon-based oils) with honey creates an amazing DIY project at home. Once mixed, just massage it into your facial features and let it sit for a few moments. Then, wash it off with warm water and your skin should feel extra soft!

    close up of cocoa mud mask diy beauty recipe

  1. Dirty Cocoa Mask

If you want to not only save money by not going to a spa but by also not purchasing anti-wrinkle creams, this mask is the one for you. Just blend these ingredients together and scrub onto your face.

  • A cup of Greek yogurt (preferably organic)
  • A tablespoon of honey
  • A teaspoon of cocoa powder
  • One banana

How does this odd mixture of ingredients do an equally as adequate job as anti-wrinkle cream? Exactly like the Simple Blend mask above, they both contain honey! Here’s a fun fact for you: honey is one of the oldest and most natural wound-healing agents known to humans. Just this past April, a study found that honey is capable of benefitting all sorts of physical conditions. In regards to facial features, honey induces a particular enzyme which begins tissue repair; this, in turn, will help facilitate antioxidant and anti-inflammatory mechanisms. With these in stow, your skin is less likely to hold on to wrinkles it has created over time. The honey in this mask acts as a 2-in-1, as it can aid other diseases or conditions you may be battling.

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  1. Matcha Tea Mud Mask

Another two-formula mud mask that you can make at home simply combines Matcha Green Tea powder with either water or aloe vera! For those who are unaware, matcha powder is traditionally used in Japan as the basis for green tea. It is profoundly rich in antioxidants, which can aid in not only anti-aging but blood pressure control and a boost in your metabolism!

Originally used for drinking purposes, Matcha powder is extremely high in caffeine level. Research shows that caffeine and other compounds found in plants pose a potential to reverse the signs of aging. The caffeine in the Match powder helps rejuvenate skin by stimulating new skin cell growth. Also, caffeine contains anti-inflammatory properties which protect our skin from dangerous bacteria. The coolest part about this mask is that the Matcha powder is a bright green color!

  1. Refreshing & Milky Mask

The last mud masks on this list made entirely from ingredients you (hopefully!) have in your house are made from the following:

  • A few slices of cucumber
  • A tablespoon of milk
  • A teaspoon of honey
  • ¼ cup of brown sugar

With these ingredients, blend them and just like the others, scrub it onto your face. If you hadn’t realized yet, this mud mask also includes honey! But, honey is not the only ingredient here that is beneficial for the skin. Cucumber, full of vitamin C, is also a known useful element, according to research. For those who have not wasted their time reading about skin therapy as I have, collagen is the protein in skin tissues; without collagen, your skin is unable to repair any damage. Vitamin C when applied on the face significantly improves skin’s structure and recreates collagen. This, in turn, will help the skin against wrinkle formation and increase skin elasticity.  So don’t forget to add the cucumber when making this mask! 

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Mud Mask Tips
Hopefully, you were at least inspired to try any of these different mud masks. They are cheaper alternatives and a lot more entertaining to create than sitting in a spa chair for an hour. If you don’t like one of them, don’t be entirely discouraged and try another! Always remember to wash off the mask with warm water after you feel you have sufficiently cleaned your skin.

Another tip to remember is that warm water will help open your pores, but once you have cleaned them out, wash your face once more with cold water to close them up. Additionally, always apply a designated facial moisturizer after you are done with the scrub.

Mud masks are an incredibly cheap beauty routine you can get into. If, however, you are concerned about a possible skin condition or severe acne, please do not risk damaging your skin, and instead visit a dermatologist. Otherwise, go forth, and mud mask up!

Author Bio-

Meighan Sembrano is an enthusiast and a passionate writer. She is expertise in Beauty and skin care articles. Also, have contributed in the health and fitness field. Her work gives an enthusiast twist to the readers. She resonates the readers with her sincere and thoughtful words. You can follow Meighan on Twitter and Facebook.

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