Leather Cocktail Stirrers DIY

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This leather cocktail stirrers diy is modern and sleek. It’s perfect for any boozy cocktail especially whiskey. Leather makes everything feel a bit more classy and a bit more refined. This is one of a few different DIY Cocktail Stirrers that we’ve DIY’ed. You can find them all here.

And they are oh so easy to make! You won’t believe it. I always say, crafting should be easy when you have the right supplies. So let’s get started!

To create this leather cocktail stirrers diy all you need are a couple of simple supplies.

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Supply List:

Leather Sheets
Wooden Skewers
Hot Glue Gun
Pencil + Ruler (or any stencil you like)

cut a small section of leather leather cocktail stirrers diycut a triangle to make a flag shape leather cocktail stirrers diy

My greatest supply tip is to make sure that your scissors are super sharp. Leather is thick and cutting it is a lot like brushing your own hair. Which means that leather has spots where the grain goes in different directions and there are spots where the leather is thicker and thinner.

To get started, first, cut out a small section of leather. It’s best to cut leather slowly and consciously, so take your time.

Next I cut a small triangle on one side to create a flag shape. You can also get creative with your shapes. You don’t have to make flags – like what I made. Square, triangles, and diamond shapes would be so cool too!

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trim the edges of the leather

After you cut your shape, it’s going to need to be trimmed. There will be loose hairs and the leather will look like a bit of a mess. Just take your time and carefully snip the loose edges and tiny bits of leather. Make sure your cuts are even and be conscious of using straight lines.

use the leather as a stencil how to make leather cocktail stirrers diy

Next, use your finished leather flag as a stencil to create a second leather flag. This way your Leather Cocktail Stirrers DIY will have a front and a back. I chose black for one side and tan for the other to create a cool two tone effect.

hot glue the leather cocktail stirrer diy

Now, all you need to do is make a thin strip of hot glue along the edge of the leather. Immediately press the leather to the wooden skewer. Hot glue dries super fast so be quick!

hot glue the other side leather cocktail stirrers diy

You can also use my favorite glue, E6000, if you don’t have a hot glue gun.

And Voila – Leather Cocktail Stirrers! Now that you have your gorgeous swizzle sticks what are you going to drink?

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