A Picture Tour of Space Montrose Handmade Boutique

Space Montrose Boutique | Handmade Boutique at Westheimer & Dunlavy

Space Montrose Handmade Boutique opened their new location this weekend. It’s a hop skip and a jump away from their old boutique in the heart of Montrose. They are still at the corner of Westheimer and Dunlavy, but now they’re at the northwest corner, next to Common Bond and across from Brasil. It’s twice as big and as gorgeous as ever. It is full of bright colors, whimsy, and magic, Leila and Carlos Peraza’s style is unique to Houston handmade.

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Here is their print wall. I love that it’s hung salon style. These prints definitely show an air of magic that’s abound in the boutique! Space Montrose also carries fine art, cards, handmade clothing, lots of jewelry and lots of fun stuff for kids. They have 2 kids themselves so I’m sure that choosing for the handmade and cool kids clothes and toys is super fun! Here are photographs we took of the new store. 


They’ve definitely grown in their beautiful displays. Their color palette has gotten even richer in the new location and there are lots more items to choose from.

Space Montrose full of handmade toys and other cute art collectibles. Space Boutique is one of the best handmade art boutiques in Houston.

These jackets with the horns are too much! I love them. They make them in kids sizes but for grown ups too.

Handmade Jewelry by Leroy's Place at Space Montrose Handmade Art Boutique next to Common Bond across from Cutloose Hair Salon

Leroy’s Place has been exhibiting at Space Montrose since their old location next to Brasil. Their acrylic jewelry are like cameos with a modern twist. To the left are John Wayne and Lil Wayne cuff links. Next to the boombox is a Hall & Oates necklace!

If this isn’t enough Space Montrose for you, I don’t blame you! I love their style too. And I didn’t even show you their cards. They definitely have the greatest selection of handmade cards in Houston. Visit them at 1706 Westheimer Suite 2 or you can visit them online here.

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