A Perfect Day for a Playlist | Indie 90’s Mix

Billy Corgan in the Today Music Video

ย Hey friends! It’s playlist time. Here’s a new Spotify mix I made.ย 

I was listening to What’s the Frequency Kenneth over and over and built the playlist around that. The song is about an bizarre attack on journalist Dan Rather in 1986. Since there was one 90’s song there might as well be two songs from the 90’s!

Today is featured in the playlist but this video is rad. If you haven’t watched it lately here’s an excuse.


They just kill me with that cute ice cream man outfit and ice cream truck. Can my entire life be like the Today video please? Thanks.

I add the band Woods to every playlist. Woods has been around since 2005 but I just heard them a few years ago. Here they are performing live in 2012.

Aren’t they just so dreamy? You can also find lots of good music on this playlist like: Brightblack Morning Light a band that records in a completely solar powered studio that they created in the desert, OMD a slightly overlooked New Wave Band from the 1980’s, The Besnard Lakes because everyone loves a good rock and roll band with a female singer, and Suicide a band that made lo-fi super cool.

Let’s Stay Friends!

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