Cutest Ever Painted Toy Animal DIY’s

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It’s amazing when a Pinterest craft goes from being a trend to a craft classic. I think that Animal Toy DIY’s are just that!

Bloggers have created them and recreated them in a million different ways. And it’s great every time. They’re easy enough for a social craft night. They’re versatile & interesting. The results are always a quick and beautiful finished product!

Here are the Cutest Ever Painted Toy Animal DIY’s. Because after all, what the heck are you supposed to do with these critters?

Animals in Party Hats

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*squeals with joy* This Animals in Tiny Party Hats are just what you need for party decor or any old day home decor. They are joyous to look at and oh so easy to make!

Animal Mason Jars

diy pastel animal topped mason jars pop shop america diy

This is fabulous for gilding but check out how amazing these animal topped mason jars can look in other colors. Most glues do okay for adhering the pieces. I prefer E6000 for just about anything because of its strong hold and versatility.

Animal Caravan Gift Packages

diy packaging with gilded animals

Who wouldn’t want to receive a gift that looked like this?! What a stylish way to package tiny gifts. These are so much fun!

Woodland Animal Terrarium

woodland animal terrarium diy pop shop america

Put animals inside a terrarium to make an dreamlike scene. You could add dinosaurs for a fun scene or make a terrarium that feels magical like this one!

Animal & Wood Bead Backpack Charms

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Bling your backpack! These charms are made with wood beads and animal toys and are perfect to hang! This would also make a great purse or cell phone accessory.

Animal Toy Key Rings

diy painted animal toy keychains - craft tutorial

Simple and perfect! These DIY Animal Key Rings are the perfect thing to craft with animal toys. Wouldn’t these make such a fun and simple gift?

Rainbow Animal Note Holders

painted animal note holders martha stewart

Looking for an out of the box way to hold your notes or photographs? Then make these! I love the polka dots, stripes, and bright colors mashed up all together.

DIY Animal Jewelry Holders

diy wall mounted animal toy jewelry holders

Clever indeed! These DIY Jewelry Holders are styled up with their cool shape. And the color palette is so dreamy too!

DIY Animal Taxidermy & Other Creations

animal toy taxidermy and other creations diy craft tutorials pop shop america

Magnets, jewelry holders, and taxidermy art pieces. Here’s a tutorial that will show you a few different techniques with animal toys that are all adorable.

Animal Cookie Cake Topper

animal cookie cake topper party decor a joyful riot

These animal cookie inspired cake topper is just irrestible! These could dress up any dessert.

Can’t get enough DIY Animal Tutorials? We have a whole other set of tutorials that all add liquid gilding, an enamel paint that gives a gorgeous shimmery finish. And you could even mix and match the diy gilded animal tutorials with the painted animal toy tutorials! So what animal toy diy’s are you going to try? Tell us in the comments!

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