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On this first day of Advent, who’s officially excited for Christmas season? This time of the year is just my favourite, and so I couldn’t resist the idea of putting together another of my seasonal hand-illustrated free wallpapers. This time it’s not dedicated to a season just in general, but I wanted to create one more specific just for the occasion.

Here in Italy we have so many Christmas traditions I could go on and on for hours, telling you about our traditional Panettone or its modern variations, gingerbread cookies baked and decorated every year on Christmas Eve with a background of classic Christmas songs, the magic moment of decorating the Christmas tree together as a family, the crazy run of buying presents for everyone, the endless amount of times we make homemade hazelnut brittle during the season or the new compositions we come up with for how to build our Christmas crib every year…

Christmas Wallpaper Free Download Miel Café Design 2017

I hope this edition of my seasonal wallpapers can bring you a taste of that all, and remind you of your own Christmas traditions and the magic of this season as well! As per usual, it’s hand-illustrated by yours truly and fully free to download both for desktop and mobile. Hope you enjoy!

…and I’m curious to hear about your own Christmas traditions, do share them with me in the comments! And no worries, there will be a winter edition too very soon 😉

Christmas Wallpaper Free Download Miel Café Design 2017 Preview Desktop

Christmas Wallpaper Free Download



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