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Cutest Ever Animal Planters These animal planters are so cute. There are kitty planters, owl planters, dino planters and more.

1. White Cat Planter by Sk Happy Shopping, Sold But we Found these on Etsy $15.00

2. Sam the T Rex Planter by Plaid Pigeon, Etsy $20

3. Mini Owl Planter by Cottage & Sprout, Etsy $15

4. Spirit Animal Planter by Luna Patchouli, Etsy $12.50

5. Ring in the Evening Keepsake Box by Streamline, Modcloth on Sale! $6.99

6. Air Plants Nestled in Teal and White Ceramic Fish by Pawsome Pets, Etsy $22

7. Fox Planter by Muddy Heart, here at Pop Shop America $48

8. Bird, Hedgehog and other Animal Planters by West Elm, West Elm $16

These animal planters are so cute! There are kitty planters, owl planters, dino planters and more. All of these are available for purchase on Etsy except for one adorable set that I found on Modcloth. Modcloth also carries a ton of handmade and small batch items.

handmade animal planters owl ring dish handmade owl terrariumfront of the panda planter animal pottery handmade with porcelain

Some of these items, like the Plaid Pigeon are handmade in Texas. They’re a small company based out of Austin. You can also find several different animal planters by Muddy Heart Ceramics right here at the Pop Shop America handmade boutique.

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