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Leading up to Halloween, I saw a ton of dog in costume photos. Dogs dressed up as lions, as Princess Leia, which is great and all, but what about every other day of the year? I wanted to see dogs dressed up all less seasonal attire. Dogs on casual Friday. So we made this list of dogs wearing cute t shirts and sweaters. It’s the list of best ever dog clothes.

1. I Love Bacon T Shirt by Posh365

2. Striped Sailor Nautical T Shirt by MillacraSelection

3. Halloween Glow in the Dark Tee by The Posh Puppy

4. Snowdrift Cuddler Fleece Dog Hoodie by Baxter Boo

5. I Love Summer Pet Clothes by DIYPetShop

6. Chihuaha Sweater in Orange by MyKnitt

All of these best ever dog clothes are available online! Shop one or shop many looks. Most of these are handmade and available at Etsy.

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