DIY Packaging Ideas to Upgrade Your Handcrafted Products

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What’s more amazing that a well crafted handmade product? How about when it’s gorgeously packaged! I love it when a product is packaged so perfectly you can’t even open it. Or when the packaging is so inspiring that you need to save it.

Here are some great ideas for all you handmade makers that are looking to upgrade your packaging. It’s also super fun eye candy for those of you that like to shop cool products. We focused on a more handcrafted aesthetic – so all of these ideas are things that you can repeat at home for birthdays, weddings, or Winter Holiday gift wrapping. These are not the packaging ideas that you would need to order from a box design company!


Ice Cream Cone Gift Tower with Sprinkles!

ice-cream-wrapping-paper diy packaging ideas

Tell Love and Party Blog made this super fun ice cream cone gift tower! The yarn pom pom cherry on top really completes it.

Dip Your Packages in Paint

caralarga cool diy packaging ideas by pop shop america

These boxes are created by Mexican Jewelry Designer Caralarga. I love the simplicity of the kraft paper and the color scheme of turquoise and magenta.

Glittery Jewelry Boxes


How cute and simple is this? Just take an ordinary jewelry box and coat the lid in gold glitter.

Simple Hand Drawn Gift Wrap

hand-drawn-giftwrap diy packaging ideas pop shop america

Simple line drawings transform this paper into something extraordinary. It’s minimal futuristic and such a fresh use for a paint pen!


Flower Prints with Gold Leafing

flower and gold leafed packages pop shop america

All it takes is copy paper prints of flowers and some gold gilding to make these DIY boxes. The wax stamp and twine gives it a classical rustic feel.

Acorn with Bakers Twine

customized stamp and acorn granola bags diy gift ideas from pop shop america

Customized stickers can upgrade any handcrafted package and stamps never go out of style. The acorn as a final touch completes this diy gift wrapping.

Simple Nature Boxes

alchemy jewelry shop diy packaging ideas

What’s more perfect than a simple series of leaves? How about these gifts with hand stamped luggage tags and bakers twine? These are products that come from jewelry company Alchemy.

Handcrafted Lilies

handcrafted lillies on top of gift wrapped packages

With just some simple folds and bright colors you can turn your package into a bouquet of flowers!

Simple Folds Turn these Packages into Animals

animal gift wrapping diy packaging ideas from pop shop america

Adorable animals with party hats – what more could you ask for! Draw eyes and noses and add paper paws and ears for the cutest gift wrapping around!

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