Fairy Tale Hair Accessories DIY

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Ever dreamed about being a princess in a fairy tale? We’ll here’s a super easy set of hair accessories that are going to make you feel like a princess in a story. I call this the Fairy Tale Hair Accessories DIY – You can wear this look with and updo or with you hair down too. It’s so fun, easy to make and absolutely gorgeous! Really it’s about having beautiful supplies with minimal effort on your part.

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Here’s what you Need:

Silkย Ribbon (we used the 8 x 4mm)
Suede Leather Lace
Sharp Scissors

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measure the length of the silk cord diy fairy tale updo instructions hair ideas

That’s it! So first things first. Measure the length of silk ribbon around your head like a headband. You know that old saying “measure twice, cut once” – definitely do that! It’s better to cut too much than too little. You can always trim down the edges until the length of the silk ribbon is perfect.

get the same length of ribbon fairy tale updo diy

You can also use the first piece of ribbon to measure the length of the other pieces.

cut the velcro diy fairy tale updo hairstyle ideas by pop shop americaattach the velcro fairy tale updo diy blog hairstyle ideas by pop shop america

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Next, once you know you have your perfect length, cut tiny squares of velcro. You will need one piece for each side. One piece will need to go on the back of the ribbon and one piece will go on the front so that you can connect it in a circle.

use spirals to make an easy bun fairy tale updo hair tutorial

As far as how your new and gorgeous hair accessories, that’s totally up to you. I threw my hair into an easy bun with spirals but you can also try it with your hair down.

fairy tale updo finished diy project image hairstyle tutorials by pop shop america

These headbands look just like a storybook princess – especially the red one which looks just like Snow White! My favorite is the green and suede because it’s a little bit more peasant like.

finished diy project hair tutorial fairy tale updo

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