Geometric Paper Ornament DIY

Geometric Paper Ornament DIY

This Geometric Paper Ornament DIY is fun to make and totally adorable! This is perfect for when you when a simple matching ornaments on your Christmas Tree or for a bored kid. It’s really versatile – while I was working on my undergraduate, I used this same technique with film negatives (yeah we still used negatives back then!!!), placed a light inside of it, and made a mini lamp. Pretty cool!

The supplies for this Geometric Paper Ornament DIY are so minimal. The most important part is having stylish paper. You can find our Snowflake Printable here which would be super cute. I also think these Lemon, Lime, and Orange printables would be fun too. Otherwise, I recommend grabbing one of those scrapbook paper packs from Michael’s.


Geometric Paper Ornament DIY Supplies:

Stylish Paper
Baker’s Twine
a Circle Stencil
Elmer’s Glue or Mod Podge


The circle stencil can be any size. I used a tiny terra cotta pot (why buy a stencil when you already have so many circles lying around?). It was a little over an inch across and the perfect size for a 3 inch finished ornament. If you use a circle template that’s much bigger, expect to have a huge finished Geometric Paper Ornament!


Trace and cut out 20 circles. Each circle should be folded into an equilateral triangle. Be sure to fold on to the side with the image. Once your have your circles folded into triangles, you will mostly see the back of the pieces and not the front.



Line up your folded edges and begin gluing the pieces together. At first it’s a little confusing where to glue and what direction to work in but remember this:

Each side of your Geometric Paper Ornament should have 5 sides. Or each side of your ornament should be a hexagon.


I made mine pretty minimal but you can use bright vivid papers or lots of different styles of paper to make your Geometric Paper Ornament DIY!

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