Hand-Lettered Printable Recipe Cards

Brush Lettering Free Printable Recipe Cards

Oh I love recipe cards! There’s nothing cuter than keeping a little box filled up with trusted family recipes. And, as much as we love to just do a quick Google search nowadays, when we need a quick recipe (or anything really!), it’s still so handy to have a quick and valuable selection of recipes you’ve tested and tried during the years, right there at your fingertips.

Also, we all note down recipes from the internet, give them a go and change them slightly and then, most of the times, forget about where that random piece of paper ended up. So whether you want to start your own recipes collection or just want some pretty recipe cards always handy to note down your recipes, today I’m sharing a free hand-lettered (from yours truly, hope you enjoy!) printable recipe cards download!

A little note: you can use thick A4 paper or light cardstock for this project. Better if white or neutral, but the template is monochrome so should look nice on any colors really!

Hand-Lettered Printable Recipe Cards Tutorial Materials

Printable Recipe Cards How-To


Hand-Lettered Printable Recipe Cards (click to download for free!)
A4 Cardstock (white or neutral)
Paper Trimmer (or a ruler and craft knife)


1. Firstly download your Printable Recipe Cards for free here. Then print on a A4 cardstock.

2. You’ll see in the printable .PDF there are trim marks to use when cutting your recipe cards with your paper trimmer and get an even and perfect result! Simply make sure you align your cardstock with the trim marks directly under the blade. Cut all sides and you’ll get two 3×5 recipe cards!

Free Printable Recipe Cards Tutorial and Download

3. If you don’t own a paper trimmer, you can use a long ruler and a craft knife. Position the ruler along the trim marks and cut the paper with the craft knife following the guide. Make sure you always protect your surface with an old magazine or a cutting mat and that, when cutting, the printed design is always on the opposite side of the ruler, so that, even if you lose control of the knife, you won’t ruin the cards!

4. Write your own recipes and enjoy the brush lettering design! Aren’t they cute? Now all you need are some recipes! How about an Easy Vanilla Bean Extract Recipe, or these Dewberry Recipes that include pies, cakes, and cordials?

Write your recipes on our printable recipe cards free download

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