How to Dye Flowers Black & Dye Flowers Rainbow

There’s nothing more special than fresh flowers! I love a natural and fresh bouquet but sometimes you need to step it up with a splash of color! This can be perfect for a costume, when you want to match them to your outfit, or just for fun.

These Black Flowers would make the perfect little addition in a bouquet of black flowers, a little black flower boutonniere, or a black flower crown. They are gorgeous, fun to make, and have the most simple supplies you can imagine.

Here’s how to make these Black Flowers – and we’ll talk about how to make other colors and even Rainbow Dyed Flowers too!

black dye - how to dye flowers black pop shop america diy


White Roses
Glass of Water
Food Dye (Get the Good Kind Here)

Add black food dye to a glass of water and mix thoroughly. Add enough black so that your water is rich and dense with black color and completely opaque. This should be around 1tbs of food dye and 12 oz. of water.

how to dye roses black - start with white roses

We used roses for this diy but you could use your favorite flower too! Try to find the purest color of white. It will work so much better than cream or pale yellows and pinks.

If you want to give your dye and extra boost, make a tiny slit across the bottom of the stem with your knife. And place the flower in the water.

half dyed black flowers - pop shop america diy

It will only take about 24 hours for your white flower to transform! It will start out like the flower above and begin to look like the flower below.

You can take the flower out at any time and this will slow down the dyeing process to an almost complete stop. It will get a little darker before the color stops changing, but just a touch!

how to make black flowers - dyed flowers diy

Tips for Healthy DIY Black Flowers:

Don’t put them in direct sunlight. Never put any flowers in direct sunlight or they will immediately begin to wilt. Fresh flowers thrive in chilly environments.

Keep them in water. After you finish dyeing your flowers, be sure to add fresh water to a vase to store them.

Don’t just store them! Make them into something cool! How about this diy boutonniere? We love these flower crown diy’s and we also love this flower wall photo backdrop!

If you are keeping them as a bouquet, be sure to replace the water regularly for longevity.

detail of dyed black roses - how to make black roses pop shop america

Don’t love black? You can also use so many different colors. You can even use multiple colors at once like these rainbow dyed roses.

rainbow dyed flowers diy pop shop america

To create them, instead of splitting the end of the stem in two, split the end of the stem into 4 pieces.

Place the 4 rose stem ends into 4 separate glasses of different colors of water. Use colors that are wildly different like pink, blue, yellow, and green. Keep the roses soaking in the water for 24 hours like above.



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3 thoughts on “How to Dye Flowers Black & Dye Flowers Rainbow

  1. Crimsoncrow says:

    Hello I saw this when i was looking to buy my mother a present for the upcoming mother’s day online and i was wondering if i wanted dye the roses so half of them are and gradients and the other half solid colors would i have to use the brand if food dye you have recommended in the beginning of this page or can any food dye be used because im hoping to try this out and get roses with vivid strong colors that doesnt come out pale.

    • Brittany Bly says:

      Great question!

      There are 4 factors that will help your flower take on a deep vibrant color.
      1. Start with fresh, young flowers – so they won’t wither and die as you are dyeing them.
      2. Use the scoring technique to ensure that plenty of dye will soak in.
      3. Use gel food dye that is mixed dark. Test the color with a paper towel. Don’t assume it’s dark enough by the color of the water.
      4. If necessary, continue to trim the stem so more dye can soak in.

      I think those are all the tips I have! Tag us on social when you post images, so we can see how they turned out!!

  2. Jennifer says:

    I’m hoping to dye my flowers very dark blue take some out at different times in the process and then press them all at once,

    When you take them out and put them back in fresh water do they start getting pale again or will they stay the same colour
    Thank you for the tips

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