Memphis Boutique Falling into Place is a Handmade Sanctuary

Memphis Boutique Falling into Place is a Handmade Sanctuary

I first met with Mary Claire White when I was browsing Etsy for new candles. Her candle shop, Falling into Place, was by far the dreamiest. They have perfectly gorgeous packaging and soft and lovely product shots. Their scents like Black Currant Tea and Candied Ginger Saffron. I had to try them.

I loved the candles, the style, and the scents. I then found out about her handmade shop in Memphis Tennessee by the same name – Falling into Place. Her shop is minimal, modern, and absolutely pristine. Her taste is impeccable and cool.

I asked Mary Claire some questions about her work.

mary claire white from falling into place memphishandmade shop memphis tennessee falling into place


When and why did you open your shop?

I opened in August 2015. I just finished an 8 year teaching career and decided it was time to follow my dream of owning my own shop!!

exterior of falling into place handmade boutique

What would you call the style of the shop? What types of items are you drawn to display in the shop?

I call it modern, fresh, special, feminine. I love jewelry, so I have lots of jewelry and of course my candles. I have lots of great art, cards, apothecary, leather bags, blankets. All the things I love!!

handmade art memphis tennesse at falling into place

How did the name Falling into Place come about?

The name refers to working hard for something and it appears that things just “fall into place” but really it happens because of all the hustle that went into it. It also refers to the feeling a customer has when they come in and find the perfect gift or something special for themselves.

handcrafted soy candles falling into place etsy shop

How long have you been making candles and do you have a personal favorite creation?

I have been making soy wax candles for 15 years. I started with craft shows and then got some regular customers. I had a few wholesale accounts but did a huge re-launch June 2016 and now I have 45 shops across the country that carry my candles. My favorite is candied ginger saffron because I am a freak for ginger and this one is different and amazing!!

What is it like to be a maker in Memphis?

The maker community in Memphis is very strong. We are very supportive of each other. Everyone is open and helpful. We have seen a huge resurgence of Memphians appreciating handmade. It is wonderful!!

art party at falling into place backyard memphis

What are some of the coolest events you’ve hosted in the Backyard?

We had an art show for a local artist, Ashley Presley. She painted Memphis places and makers. We had live music and prosecco! The weather was perfect and she sold 75% of the work that was on display! It was a great night.

Your classes sound awesome. Are you excited about any in particular?

I teach a candle workshop every month. They always sell out which is the most wonderful thing for me because I love teaching that class!!! We have a great time!

backyard of falling into place memphis tennessee

Hillary Butler’s painting classes are epic! She is an amazing abstract artist here in Memphis and has a cult following. She teaches how to paint abstract art in an easy to understand, fun way!!

How did the classes come about?

I knew I would be teaching at least candle classes because I am a teacher at heart! I am thrilled that other makers want to share their craft in my shop too!!

sandalwood rose candle by falling into place etsy shop

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