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Sara James is the creator of Tin Roof Soap Co. Tin Roof Soaps are natural, made with turn of the century recipes and modern add ins like kombucha. Sara manages to stay pretty busy between her soaps and her family life. I asked her a few questions about her business.

BB: When did you start making soap?
SJ: I started soap-making in 2011 after researching the harmful synthetic chemicals in commercial products. I wanted to make a product I could use on my new baby without harming her body or the world she would inherit.

BB: How do you balance a home life with crafting?
SJ: Well, I wish I could figure that out! Soap making is NOT a craft for children, as lye is the reactive ingredient that turns the oil into soap and glycerin. I am lucky to have supportive family members who help by watching my daughter, by helping with the actual production, or assisting with labeling and organizing. I do the business management when I have a spare minute, like 11 o’clock at night, when the family is asleep!

BB: If a unicorn and a narwhal got into a fight, who would win?
SJ: Considering unicorns can’t breathe underwater, I would say a narwhal!

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