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Handmade Valentine Gifts for Less than $15?! That may sound crazy but it’s true.

There are lots of handmade valentine gifts that you can find in Houston and online. These are adorable gifts that will be appreciated by any lady. Whether it’s for your mom, sister, friend or girlfriend all of these says handmade love!

<<<Top Left // Red Rabbit Rabbit Ring $10 // Available by Custom Order>>

<<<Top Right // X. inX. $13 // No Longer Available, but try this instead>>>

<<< Lower // Gemjunkie Stud Earrings $8 // Available on Etsy>>>

A little bit more about these items:

Red Rabbit is the brainchild of Aubrini Thompson an artist living and working near San Antonio TX. It’s too bad that this item is currently unavailable but we’ll be sure to let you know if it becomes available again in the future.

InX. Lip Gloss by X. | Handmade Beauty Products | Handmade Lip Gloss

X. Compound is cruelty free makeup and natural cosmetics made in Texas. X. makes lip glosses, perfumes, and beauty kits that are in lush colors with cool packaging. Her lip glosses feel smooth and moisturizing and there’s even a colorless chapstick-style balm for men. Her handmade perfume, called Flora is a blend of jasmine smells luscious like real flowers. X. Compound has been nominated for the Pop Shop America Maker Awards several times because these beauty products are so wonderful.

Gemjunkie is a company in Austin that makes affordable accessories and cute jewelry. They sell at lots of different boutiques around Austin and some in Houston too. I snagged these earrings at Space Montrose one of my favorite boutiques in Houston. I mean come on, they were only 8 bucks! I wear these earrings constantly and still love them as much as when I first bought them.

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