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Some people are just born to learn! If you love being in the classroom as much as we do, you must check out all these handmade items that you can shop now. They are all back to school perfect!

You can find backpacks, stationery, pencils and everything you need to make school rock. Isn’t learning so much fun when you have school supplies that you love? Check out our collection below.

Back to School DIY Ideas

Art Class: Lisa Frank Pencil Sets from Sami Chan 8 $3.99

English Lit: Notebook Pencil Pouch from Prints n Patterns $33.00

Religious Studies: Milo Backpack from by ElevenElephant $100.14

Physics: Hair Ties from Crowned Peacock $6.50

Geography: World Map Pencil Bag from Merry Mery $29.00

Culinary Class: Confetti Pink Handmade Paper from Shop Witty $7.00

Health: Donut Card Set from PS Paper Shoppe $12.00

Home Ec.: Day Planner Cleaning Stickers from Planneresque $5.50

Algebra: Grid Math Washi Tape from Pretty Tape $2.50

Isn’t it fun how there’s a school supply perfect for every subject? We included products that are perfect for a Physics, Geography, Algebra, or Culinary Arts student. I love every single piece!

These school supplies are handmade by an array of makers from all around the globe. Don’t you want all of them? If school is your favorite than here are some diys that will get you in the spirit.

Check out these DIY Book Covers that you can make here. With this easy template you can learn to make your own book covers in gorgeous blocks of all your favorite colors.

And here’s an Easy DIY Pencil Pouch that only requires a paint pen. Cute right?

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