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To celebrate the release of Spruce: A Step by Step Guide to Upholstery, author Amanda Brown and “the Sprucettes” toured the Southern USA.  Starting out in Austin TX, their hometown, the author and team have travelled to Atlanta and New Orleans and made their way to Houston Friday November 22nd 2013. They cruised around in their cute-as-a-button red vintage Volkswagen Van. Take a look here.

So cute and inspiring, right? Upholstery has been one of those craft skills that was an elusive skill that was only taught and learned from person to person. This is the first book that I’ve seen that breaks down all of the essential upholstery techniques into bite size bits that can be learned in a book. For those of you that want to learn in person from an expert like Amanda Brown don’t miss her classes at the Spruce Shop in Austin. You can find them online here.  The upholstery classes are organized by particular types of furniture. Choose between learning how to upholster a chair, bench, lamps, and more.

Spruce: A Step by Step Guide to Upholstery is an amazing book that I highly recommend. In fact, I’ve fallen in love with this book. Don’t tell my boyfriend! It is full of color photographs that explain every step of the of the process to upholstering 6 different types of furniture. The lessons start out very simply and slowly increase their challenge by the end. Every step is simply explained and thoughtfully visualized through photographs and tasks that once seems mysterious or hard to understand. To me, they are now very clear. Take a look here:


The online courses look amazing as well. Upholstery can be one of those quirky skills that varies between pieces of furniture with slightly different shapes. So seeing it visualized in a video makes learning the trade so much easier. Spruce even offers all the tools you need to upholster furniture making their website a one stop shop.

DIY deficient? Don’t worry, at their Austin storefront, you can also have pieces of furniture upholstered for you. If you take a look at the images in the Spruce Book, you can get a sense of how interesting, boho, bright, colorful, and modern their design choices are. These are swoon-worthy pieces of furniture and the perfect place to go if “pinterest fail” is something you’ve experienced before.

Visit them at 6611 North Lamar Blvd. Austin TX 78752

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