Everything You Need to Know about Upcycled T-Shirt Alterations

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Here is everything you need to know about Upcycling Old T-Shirts. We scoured the internet for the best of the best. Here are a few of our absolute favorite upcycled T-Shirt Alterations! These DIY’s are totally refined and fashion forward instead of looking messy and DIY.

First video up is the one that we created —>

Here are the Supplies for Any of these T-Shirt DIYs:

A Big Table where you can Lay a T-Shirt Flat
Washable Pen, Marker, or Thin Chalk
A Ruler or Templates
Needle & Thread (just in case)

This next DIY is created by a cool blog called The Forge —>

jersey weave sweatshirt by the forge style no sew t-shirt alterations

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This next one is an adorable way to create bow sleeves —>

You need Sewing Scissors or Brand New Scissors that are Really Sharp! Your scissors are the most important part of making a clean cut so they need to be fresh, clean, and used only for fabric. The best scissors are going to come fromt the Fabric Store. Cut slowly to create an even stroke. Then after each cut stretch the fabric out where you cut it to even the edge and smooth it out.

I love this DIY from the WoboSobi blog because it’s so pretty and feminine.
I love the way she styles it with the necklace too. —>

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Use your washable pens to mark where lines, cuts, and knots will go on your t-shirt. These is the easiest way to plan the alterations before you cut and the easiest way to prevent mistakes. Just be sure that whatever you use is washable!

This next DIY requires a little sewing but isn’t it just so dreamy? We had to include it!

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Leather Sleeve T-Shirt Alteration by The Forge —>

leather sleeve upcyle t-shirt fashion diys

Everyone has a different figure and different fashion style. All of these are the perfect way to turn t-shirts into your own personal statement. You can transform a shirt that doesn’t fit anymore, upcycle an old t-shirt that has holes in it, make a men’s t-shirt into a ladies, or turn a regular t-shirt into a tank top.

In this tutorial, Little Lia uses a hot glue gun. Mind blown!

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Valentino Inspired T-Shirt Refashioning by Inspiration & Realisation Blog —>

diy valentino t-shirt alteration upcycle t-shirts

Most t-shirt alterations are no sew! So you do not need a sewing machine which makes them a lot more beginner friendly and less daunting. When sewing is required it’s simple stitches that you could also do by hand.

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    • brittany says:

      Oh no. I’m sorry to hear that! Take a look at our tips – there are a couple things you can do to make your t-shirt alterations look super pro. 1 – Make sure your scissors are really sharp and cut slowly and evenly. Buy a new pair if your cuts look jagged. 2. After you make a cut, stretch the fabric along the cut. This will smooth out jagged edges. 3. Wash the t-shirt before you wear it. Most of the time refashioned t-shirts are safe for the dryer too. This will further smooth out those messy edges. Hope this helps you!!! xoxoxo

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