Welcome to Catacomb: An Interview With The Brains Behind It All

Welcome to Catacomb: An Interview With The Brains Behind It All

On March 26th 2016, Catacomb Shop Houston closed! But don’t think it’s over for the founders Blake Jones & Ashley Cid. These two have been powerhouses of Houston design before Catacomb ever existed. We talked to Ashley Cid about what’s next for them.Valley Cruise Pins | Catacomb HTX

BB: What’s next for Milk + Honey Vintage?

AC: In regards to clothing you can find me OnlineInstagram, and via appointment. I’m also working on building a vintage clothing market space coming in the next few months which will feature several different vintage shops that you can purchase from on one website. Similar to etsy but a little more communal and free spirited.
What shops would you recommend if someone is looking for that Catacomb vibe?
AC: I would recommend Space Montrose always first to everyone! I absolutely love Leila and admire her business model a lot. Additionally I’d check out Wired Up Records & Books in the East End (of downtown Houston). 
Welcome to Catacomb; An Interview with the Brains Behind It All
Inside Catacomb

And read the original interview from when Catacomb first opened here:

This past month, a brand new gallery reached the surface of the Houston art community. Catacomb, founded by Ashley Cid of Milk + Honey Vintage and local weirdo, Blake Jones, is a unique gallery filled with local artists, vintage clothing, and oddities. Located in the east downtown district, this new business is changing the regular shopping experience.

Welcome to Catacomb; An Interview with the Brains Behind It All
Inside Catacomb


What exactly is Catacomb?

A: A vintage, art, and oddity shop that Blake and I have been cooking up since March. For the past year and a half it’s been my dream to open a vintage store, but I also wanted to appreciate artists who are local and undermined in their own community. We want to display artists that usually aren’t accessible, but are super talented. It’s our own personal desires that came together; art and clothing. And it really works well together even though it’s on two different ends of the spectrum.

Prints by Blake Jones | Catacomb HTX

What inspired the two of you to make this happen?

B: I’ve wanted to do it for a while and there’s a lack of certain things we hope to see here in Houston. Sometimes artists and others are turned down because they’re so unique. There’s also so much local talent that’s ignored, and no one knows where to go to feature it. Everything that was there has closed and we want to bring it back.

A: We want to see and show things a little more shocking and obscene than the usual gallery.

Zines | Catacomb HTX

Who are your biggest influences when it comes to fashion and art?

A: Myself! To be 100% honest I don’t really follow fashion blogs or other avenues in the fashion world to display what I think is fashionable. I really love Kate Bush, Karen O, Björk, and Agyness Deyn.

Blake points to a stack of Catacomb flyers.

B: Maria Elisa-Heg, Sarah Welch, Dalton Starks, John Forse, Rene Cruz, Ackzilla, Eyesore, Traci Thiebaud, Melinda Laszczynski, everyone involved in Catacomb. But when it comes to fashion, definitely Paul Lynde.

Milk + Honey Vintage & Yoko Vintage | Catacomb HTX

Where do you see Catacomb in a year from now?

A: Outgrowing this studio.

B: Signing another lease. One year older, one year wiser.

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