11 Beginner Friendly Macrame Wall Hanging Tutorials

11 beginner friendly macrame wall hanging tutorials

Have you fallen in love with this Easy Macrame Succulents & Leaves Wreath, this Moon Macrame Wall Hanging or this DIY Macrame Wind Chime? Or just getting started with macrame and looking for tutorials to make your first wall hanging?

With macrame, a video is worth a thousand pictures. And video is worth a thousand words. It’s the easiest way to get started so you can see the movement and see the patterns to create every type of knot.

These tutorials will give you a ton of different ideas to make your wall hanging and are ordered from easiest to most complex. If you are ready to make your own Macrame Wall Hanging, let’s get started!

Learn Macrame Knots

Before we get into creating wall hangings, start with this video. Or better yet, bookmark it to return to again and again. It’s a great way to learn 10 different individual knots that you will use in macrame again and again. It’s easy to watch and easy to follow and my go to when I get stuck on a certain knot.

Simple Beginner Macrame Wall Hanging Tutorial

This tutorial is a great one to start with because the Macrame Wall Hanging is small – thus it takes less time than larger pieces. And it only uses 3 different knots. If you check out the description under the video, you can find additional links to the knots used in this tutorial – perfect for anyone that gets stuck while making it!

Square Knots Macrame Wall Hanging Tutorial

With this tutorial, you only need to make square knots – one of the most common knots in macrame! Best of all it’s so cute! Instead of making lots of different knots, you will count the knots to create this cool pattern.

3 Knot Macrame Wall Hanging Tutorial

This tutorial is actually surprisingly similar to the 1st macrame tutorial. They both only use 3 knots – 2 of which are the same. The 3rd knot used here is called a Diagonal Clove Hitch Knot – the knot that makes those cool solid diagonal stripes midway through the piece. It isn’t included in the knot making tutorial in the beginning, but there is a link in the video description to a tutorial on how to make it!

Lace Macrame Wall Hanging

Now we’re getting into some really cool shapes! If you love layered macrame wall hangings, this tutorial is the BEST to get started with because it’s really easy compared to others. Get ready because it is a large piece – the wood you will want to use should be around 2 feet!

The creator will tell you that you can finish this piece in around 10 minutes but trust me when I say, it will take a lot longer!

Scandinavian Patterned Macrame Wall Hanging

This is another tutorial in which you will want to carefully count all your knots as you go. The pattern may look complicated, but the knots are actually quite simple. This tutorial is a great way to see how patterning the layout of the knots can make your wall hanging sculptural and even come to life!

Diamond Shaped Tapestry Style Macrame Wall Hanging

This wall hanging follows a similar pattern to the one above because as the knots come together it makes a cool and interesting series of diamond shapes. This only uses 2 knots – a larks head knot and a square knot and to make it unique, you could try a cool color of macrame cord like the salmon that is used here!

Remember, macrame cord can come pre-dyed plus you can dye it yourself or dip dye it for a gorgeous and fun look.

Intermediate Layered Macrame Wall Hanging Tutorial

This is the 2nd of the layered macrame wall hanging tutorials and this is the 1st tutorial that may be best for intermediate macrame creators.

It uses a lot of different knots but isn’t nearly as complex as the layered tutorials below!

Flag Shaped Macrame Wall Hanging

This is the 2nd tutorial that is better for an intermediate or advanced macrame. It’s not impossible, because the instructions are slow moving, and oh so clear. But it does use a lot of different knots and different patterns. If you are ready to move on to some more intricate pieces, this is a great choice because how gorgeous are the results?!

Boho Layered Macrame Wall Hanging Tutorial

Now this is boho perfection! When making a layered macrame wall hanging, you actually work in several different sections and that’s part of what makes these so special! There are groups of patterns, and lots of gatherings with dangling cord.

This one is slightly more advanced then the first layered piece titled “Lace Macrame Wall Hanging” but is still quite beginner friendly! But do be prepared for the fact that this requires a lot of macrame cord!

Macrame Leaves Wall Hanging

What I love about this tutorial is that I have never seen anything like it! Making macrame feathers are really common for earrings, but I’ve never seen them in a wall hanging.

This is a great tutorial to follow because it will also give you the info you need to make macrame feather earrings as well! It’s 2 for the price of one.

Large Layered Boho Macrame Wall Hanging

The dowel for this piece is 28 inches so it is a bit larger than most of the other pieces here. But once you have tried a few of these wall hanging tutorials, you will realize that you can do any of them! It just takes a little bit of patience.

The best thing about macrame is that you can undo any knots – so if you make any mistakes, it’s easy to back track and try again.

So which wall hanging are you going to try? Tell us in the comments! And looking for more macrame tutorials? Don’t miss the ones below!

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