DIY Succulent & Leaves Macrame Wreath

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Fall is here! And I couldn’t be more excited to show you this craft that was part of October 2018’s Craft in Style Box by Pop Shop America. If you are just hearing about this box, it’s a Subscription Box I created, where I send you new crafts to make every month!

Let’s get to making stunning and easy to make a DIY Succulent & Leaves Macrame Wreath. If you missed the subscription, you can still get this kit here. This is a easy way to learn the basics of macrame and the wreath is so modern and minimalist. I just love it!

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Supplies to Make a Succulent & Leaves Macrame Wreath:

Succulents & Leaves Macrame Wreath Making Kit
A 6 inch Wooden Embroidery Hoop
Glue Gun + Glue Sticks (or E6000)
Faux Leaves, Pinecones, Acorns, Mushrooms, Succulents
and Other Fall Inspired Greenery
Macrame Rope (We used 13 35 inch pieces)

First let’s start by tying the Macrame Rope around the wooden embroidery hoop. Follow this pattern.

start with a length of rope pop shop america diy blog

make a loop around the wooden hoop pop shop america

pull the loop through a balloon loop - diy wall hanging macrame

pull the loop through - diy boho fall wall hanging pop shop america

pull the rope through - macrame wall hanging pop shop america

how to tighten the macrame loop pop shop america

macrame simple loop minimalist wall hanging pop shop america

finishing the macrame knot diy pop shop america

In a nutshell, you can create this macrame knot by folding your rope in half. Hold the loop with one hand and the edges in the other like it’s shown above. Then pull the two ends through the center of the loop and around the wooden embroidery hoop. While the rope is still lose, arrange the knot so that they line up with the knots next to them. Tighten the rope into place and repeat that process with all of your rope. Take your time and follow the photos!

If this is confusing, don’t worry, you can get creative and make your own style knots! Just be mindful of lining up the knots and be sure that you have enough rope for the style you are going for.

finishing the macrame knot diy pop shop america

Now it’s all about embellishing your Minimalist Fall Wreath and giving it some style! You can decorate it any way that looks good to you. There are lots of cool pieces you can use: leaves, acorns, tiny mushrooms, pinecones, succulents, and more.

The easiest thing is to first lay out your pattern, and then use a glue gun to affix the pieces one at a time.

We added leaves and greenery to the top, but I’m also a fan of an asymmetrical wreath. Consider using just one side, or even work your way from the bottom to the top to to create a laurel shape.

placing the leaves and plants pop shop america wreath diy

If you don’t have a glue gun, that’s okay! You can use E6000 which is the best in the world! But it will take a full 24 hours to dry before you can hang it up. Until then, hold each piece in place for a few seconds after gluing. And until the items are completely set, keep it on a flat surface instead of displaying it on the wall.

If you use a glue gun, your greenery will be firmly in place within a few seconds.

trim the ends of the minimalist fall wreath

To finish your Minimalist Fall Wreath DIY, let’s customize the bottom edge of the macrame rope. Trim the ends of the rope into a style that you like. There are lots of different choices! We chose to angle the rope but keep reading to see lots of different ideas.

finished fall wreath october diy kit box pop shop america

In this style, we angled the rope in one direction by cutting and trimming it. This will be easiest to do while it’s hanging, and may take a few passes with the scissors to get it perfect.

make other shapes with the fall wall hanging

If you want your Minimalist Fall Wreath to have an angled edge in rope, use a piece of paper to create a clear cut line. And use large scissors as small scissors will make this difficult.

cut the rope at an angle to finish a boho macrame wall hanging

You could trim the bottom the rope in either direction so the left edge hangs long or the right edge hangs long.

cut the macrame straight across - finishing a wall hanging

You could also create a straight edge at the bottom of your wreath! Again, use the paper to make yourself a clear cut line. You could use a ruler or anything straight. The reason we used paper is you can cut through it easily, making it ideal for rope cutting.

boho tapestry with straight rope pop shop america

Cute right? I love how all of these different styles are all great.

unravel the rope diy macrame tutorial pop shop america

how to unravel the ends of macrame pop shop america fall wreath diy

You can unravel the rope by untwisting it at the bottom. Try to unravel it to the same height all the way across the wreath to keep it event.

chevron rope on the fall inspired wreath pop shop america

It’s really anything goes! One of my favorite shapes is a chevron. Using the same technique with the paper, make the center longer than both the left and right sides.

finished wreath with chevron macrame pop shop america

If you have to make this Minimalist Succulents & Leaves Wreath, shop the kit to make gathering the supplies so easy! And tell is in the comments where are you going to hang your Fall Wreath?

fall minimalist wreath diy pop shop america

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