21 Painted Pumpkins Craft Tutorials that are Halloween Perfect

21 diy painted pumpkin tutorials pop shop america

Who says you have to carve a pumpkin at Halloween? These no carve painted pumpkin craft tutorials are perfect when you want to avoid the knives, drilling, scooping and all the hard work that goes along with Jack-o-Lanterns.

Instead, these painted pumpkin diy’s are fun! They are safe for kids. They are colorful, unique, and a gorgeous way to get in the Halloween Spirit! So let’s check them out.

1. Glittery Color Blocked Pumpkins

cropped glitter color blocked pumpkins

Looking to create a disco with your Halloween Decor? These pumpkins are glittery, bright, and so cute! All you need is paint, tape, and glitter.

2. Marbled Pumpkins


You can marble anything including pumpkins using nail polish! It’s one of my favorite techniques for creating gorgeous swirls of color.

3. Painted Faces Pumpkins


Swoon. These painted faces feel ethereal and whimsical and the color palette is just perfect too! Get the tutorial from one of my favorite blogs The House that Lars Built.

4. Memphis Designed 80’s Pumpkins


Looking to brighten up your Halloween decor? A Kaolic Chic Blog is hyper fun and colorful. These pumpkins are influenced by Memphis Design but also capture a perfect Saved by the Bell vibe!

5. DIY Mud Cloth Pumpkins


These pumpkins draw inspiration from African mudcloth. It’s is a traditional Malian fabric that is dyed with fermented mud into gorgeous patterns like this.

6. Ombre Painted Pumpkins

How to Make Ombre Pumpkins | Halloween Decor DIY's | Fall Decor Ideas | Learn How to DIY Lots of Cool Stuff on the Pop Shop America LIfestyle Blog

Love a good ombre? Taper your color from dark to light with this simple tutorial. Choose pink like these pumpkins or any color of the rainbow.

7. Abstract Painted Pumpkins


Brushstrokes and polka dots! What makes these pumpkins so special is the perfect use of color. Get the tutorial from A Subtle Revelry!

8. Ghost & Stars Painted Pumpkins

twinkle twinkle little party ghost painted pumpkins

These ghosts are easier to paint then you think! Twinkle Twinkle Little Party Blog does a great job at showing you how to create these fun shapes step by step.

9. DIY Donut Pumpkins


Who doesn’t love a good donut?! These rainbow sprinkle painted pumpkins come in vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. They are so fun!

10. Unicorn Pumpkins


This magical pumpkin has a flower crown and a handcrafted horn! Make one for yourself with just a few simple steps.

11. Galaxy Painted Pumpkins


These galaxy pumpkins have layers of black paint with wisps of blue, pink, purple and white. It’s layered with color but simple to create!

12. Floral Painted Pumpkins


These pumpkins are inspired by the gorgeous floral patterns from Rifle Paper. The gold and pastels are just so gorgeous together!

13. DIY Cactus Pumpkins

diy cactus painted pumpkin halloween

Speaking of flowers, how about a cactus?! These cactus pumpkins are placed inside a terra cotta planter to really set the scene.

14. DIY Eyelashes Pumpkins


Let me tell you a little secret. Eucalyptus smells amazing! Not only are these Eyelash Pumpkins easy to make, they will smell amazing in your home.

15. Hand Lettered Pumpkins


Hand lettering is one of the most popular diy’s right now! Learn how easy it is to create hand lettered pumpkins with this fall perfect tutorial.

16. Gingham Pumpkins


Aren’t these pumpkins so simple and clever?! Gingham is perfect for fall. Think cozy blankets, sweaters, and Hygge life.

17. Henna Painted Pumpkins


If you love henna, bring that joy to your Halloween and fall decor! This tutorial even comes with templates to make your henna art easier to create.

18. Porcelain Painted Pumpkins


Blue and white porcelain always feels so high end! If you want to create pumpkins that match your china, you must make these!

19. Painted Party Pumpkins


Surprise! It’s a party. These pumpkins have faces that are fun, party hats that are silly, and a color palette that is so clever. That’s why you have got to make them.

20. Rainbow Spider Pumpkins


The rainbow spiders are so colorful but don’t overlook the gold gilded stem! It completes this fun look.

21. Rainbow Pumpkins Centerpiece


Who doesn’t want a centerpiece like this?! What a great example of how color can make all the difference. Get more inspiration from another of my favorite blogs Oh Happy Day.

Bonus: Pop Art Painted Pumkins


Hey everyone needs a bonus! Here’s a series of pumpkins that range from scary, to modern, to cool. What pulls them all together is creating a perfect color palette.

So which painted pumpkins are you going to make? Tell us below and happy crafting!

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