DIY Glittery Color Blocked Painted Pumpkins

disco pumpkins diy with title no carve pumpkins

I love no carve pumpkins! And I love bright colors too. This Disco Pumpkin DIY is perfect for anyone looking for an easy fall decor that goes beyond the usual Halloween pumpkin carving. It’s perfect for the whole fall season because it’s modern and cool. These pumpkins are rainbow, color blocked, and glittery!

You can use any color palette but I love using bright colors to get away from the traditional fall color palette. I used an ombre because you know I’m a fan – here’s our Ombre Pumpkin DIY if you are looking for just a straight and simple ombre.


supplies for disco pumpkins diy no carve pumpkins

Pumpkins (any size, any color)


Brushes (Foam is best but you can use any kind)

White Acrylic Paint

Your Choice of Color of Acrylic Paint

Glitter, Glitter, and More Glitter

tape the pumpkin color blocked glitter pumpkin

First, tape the pumpkins. I made a cool color block triangle shape. It’s important that one side of the tape, the edge that connects to the part you are going to paint, is taped down thoroughly. That edge needs to be as straight as possible to create a clean painted line. The other side does not need to be perfect.

tape your pumpkins disco pumpkins halloween decor ideas

I like to compare the angles to get a sense of your overall look for your Disco Pumpkins DIY. Now we get to have some fun!

layer of white to make the color pop color blocked glitter no carve pumpkins

Use your brushes to give your pumpkins a thick layer of white. Painting the pumpkins white will help your color blocking look bold and bright. Make sure you let your pumpkins completely dry before adding a coat of color. Acrylic paint dries quickly so it should just take a few minutes to dry.

color blocked glitter pumpkins no carve pumpkin diys

Now, using a separate brush add your color. Apply it thick and add a second coat if you need to even out the color.

rainbow glitter pumpkins disco pumpkins diy pop shop america

Now we glitter! While the pumpkins are still wet add your glitter! We used white glitter on our periwinkle colored pumpkin.

glitter the pumpkin disco pumpkin no carve diys

And we used pink glitter on the blue and pink pumpkins. Go crazy – this is the Disco Pumpkin DIY after all!

glittery pink pumpkin disco pumpkin diy

Now these pumpkins are starting to look like a party!

blue glitter no carve pumpkin

Make sure your pumpkins are completely dry before removing the tape.

take of the tape disco pumpkins diy

And voila – Disco Pumpkins!!!!!

hero disco pumpkins diy no carve

Aren’t they cute?

hero 2 disco pumpkins diy no carve pumpkin diys

Need more fabulous pumpkins in your life? Don’t miss our Ombre Pumpkins DIY!

cropped glitter color blocked pumpkins

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