8 Skincare Lines that Will Make You Switch to Natural

Wealth of natural skincare products

“Ohmigod, you look AMAZING,” a friend recently mused to me.

I also must add that the Mr. has also been raving about how much better my overall skin appearance has been looking.

All the while I was thinking, ‘Hmmmm… I bet it’s because I’ve been using natural skin care products by local Texas and Arizona brands…’

glow sugar scrub by ahimsa essentials pop shop america

All my life, I’ve always used store-bought cleansers, deodorants, makeup, soap, etc., and not realizing (or rather, until present-day society has brought it to our attention) that brands put a lot of harsh chemicals in them and test on animals. I just thought that those products were just a way of life…until now. Several weeks ago, I purged all my makeup, nail polish (including the remover), masks, and other product that have ingredients that are known to cause harm to our skin. I’ve finally come to a point in my life where I actually care what I’m eating, and what I’m putting on my body. I’ve recently discovered several brands that I love and want to brag about.

While I was in Phoenix last year, I attended the Local First Festival, which annually showcases numerous local businesses in a park setting. I was introduced to Ahimsa Essentials– a vegan and natural skin care brand owned by Queenie and Sean Shearer. The husband and wife dream team are also vegan and are firm believers of “spreading ahimsa” wherever they go, as well as through their formulated-for-the-desert products. That’s when I officially made the switch to natural deodorant, and haven’t looked back. [I do need to include a side note, everyone is different when it comes to pH and hormonal balances. While Ahimsa’s deodorant works; since being back in Texas, I’ve also had to turn to Piper Wai’s all-natural, charcoal deodorant to help with excessive odor. I don’t know if it’s due to change in climate, humidity, or whatnot, but I do know that the situation has been handled.] Ahimsa also offers 100% therapeutic grade essential oils, body butter, therapeutic balms, which I’m also a fan of. Unlike the generic products out there, you can actually put their body butter all over your body, and not have to worry about it getting too close to your mouth or eyes. My husband and I also use their roll-on balms for achy muscles, and it helps!

Worthewait Farmyard Natural Soaps

I’ve also gone from shower gels to natural handmade soaps from such brands as: Worthewait Farmyard, Strawberry Hedgehog, Lena’s Luxurious Soaps, and Rubymint General. These soaps (along with other product) help to create a mini spa experience, which also helps me relax for the evening. You really can’t beat the calming fragrances, foamy lather, and silky smoothness that your skin feels after drying off.

Houston- have you heard about Rose Hip Essentials? Because you kinda need to know about them… I tried a sample of the Citrus Cream lip balm one day, and now I’m HOOKED on everything that owner Brittany Moore makes. I am obsessed with the French Clay Rosehip Mask, Rose Hip Seed Oil Facial Serum, the Cleansing Oil/Makeup Remover, and the Lip Tints.


Lastly, I count on Slather Botanicals for having a great facial cleanser, moisturizer, eye cream, toner; you name it. I remember trying her products for the first time at Made. A Local Market, and after rubbing in the product, I had a, “Everyone, feel my face,” moment. It literally has never felt so soft! Not one cleanser or skin care product that I’ve bought at the store has ever done that!

Natural cleansers and deodorants

I’m so glad I made the switch with local and natural skin care, as well as food and other overall lifestyle changes. I think that in the long run, it’ll improve my quality of life and health. One can only hope, right?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on natural vs. store-bought skin care products. What do you like/not like about them? Let me know in the comments!

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