Source Vital Apothecary: Customized Skincare for Everyone

Customized Skincare for Everyone - Source Vital Skincare

For healthy, natural, luxurious body care meet Source Vital. If you haven’t tried this Houston brand, you must! Source Vital creates skincare for different skin types like acne, aging skin, and scars. You can also find essential oils, serums, all natural bath products and more.

Their line in extensive and their ingredients are of the best that you can use on your skin. Find ingredients like cucumber extract, algae, hemp seed oil, and jasmine.

I talked to Sophia Peon-Leyva, Head of Business Development of Source Vital about these gorgeous products.

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BB: How did the company start?

SPL: Our company was started in 1989 by Jerry and Brea Pope. They owned the first day spa in Houston, Sanctuary d’Sante, and were searching for a natural skin and body care line that was effective and incorporated both seaweed and essential oils. They ended up starting their own line and the rest in history.

BB: Where can people find Source Vital?

SPL: Online at and at our showroom in Houston (1291 North Post Oak Rd, Ste 125, Houston, TX 77055). Our hours are Monday-Friday, 9-6. We may also be found in specific spas and boutiques.

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BB: What was the inspiration behind the first product the eye balm?

SPL: Jasmine Eye Balm was produced for extreme hydration of the eye area. That area is one of the first facial areas to age. This formula softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, what we call “Crow’s Feet”. It is the ultimate night cream for the eye area.

BB: What are your favorite ingredients to work with?

SPL: So many! Our seaweeds, both in powder and liquid form, are essential. Their hydration and purification properties are beneficial, both topically and internally. We use many botanical extracts, and pure essential oils. One of our favorites is Tanacetum Annuum. This deep greenish-blue oil is incredible to use in first aid. Body, and skin care products. Lavender, of course, is the universal oil that is used for multiple reasons in many of our products. We use these essences of plants for their therapeutic properties. Their scent is a bonus!

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BB: I saw several references to “marine hydration”. What does that mean and why is it important?

SPL: Marine will always refer to our seaweeds or algae. This plant matter, whether liquid or powder, is highly hydrating to the skin. High in alginic acids, they work well to keep the skin hydrated and remineralized.

review of source vital body care products

BB: I love how the skincare line is organized into problem type. What are these types and how does one figure out which one they are?

SPL: Everyone is different and most people are not one skin type. That is the beauty of our products. You can personalize a regimen just for you. We do recommend products for dry, sensitive, oily or acne, and normal skin. There is no wrong way to use them. For instance, here in Houston, with our heat and humidity, a moisturizer for normal or oily skin may be perfect for dry skin during our summers.

BB: If you could give one healthy skin tip to all these readers, what would it be?

SPL: Cleanse and hydrate every night! And, of course, just the fact that what you eat and drink, and how you treat your body is reflected in your skin. We are founded in Holism, which literally means “the acknowledgement of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the physical factors”.

deozein fresh natural deodorant by source vital apothecary

BB: What new products are you excited about?

SPL: That is a tough question. We stay jazzed about all of our products. I would suggest that of our newest products, we are loving the Customized Facial Cocktail and our ability to personalize a skin care system for each customer. The Micellar Cleansing Water has been amazing. And, of course, the fact that we have 3 scents of our natural Deozein means we have a scent for everyone. The reformulated Lemongrass Body Scrub is terrific – many people never think to exfoliate their bodies.

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BB: If a reader just fell in love with Source Vital, how do they stay in touch with you?

SPL: We have an active digital presence through social media and our blog. We love to share our insider tips and tricks, educate about holistic wellness, and give our readers some easy DIY recipes, so they may enjoy the benefits of our amazing products at home. We also have an email newsletter where we share seasonal promotions and sales. Additionally, we have an excellent sales staff who love interacting with our customers and always offer great customer service.

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