Picking Michael Reeder’s Brain

Picking Michael Reeder’s Brain

Michael Reeder’s paintings and murals truly reveal all the ranges of his talent. Painterly finesse, sharp graphic patterns, and grungy textures are pieced together in a way that proves his work both recognizable and unique.

Where are you from? Where are you now? (Feel free to answer these literally, existentially, extraterrestrially, or however you feel fit.)

I am originally from Dallas, TX and I currently live in… wait for it… Dallas, TX. I have also lived on both the East and West Coasts in New York and California.

Michael Reeder The Ghost I Used To Be

What’s your studio like?

Small and very much not large enough. Therefore, a lot of elements are temporary or mobile so as to be able to move and shift things around easily. It does have wonderful natural light though.

Ritual of the Sun Low

What’s your process like? Do you like to read magazines, get drunk, meditate, etc.?

Yeah, all of those! I usually like to warm up before I begin painting with a 15 minute session of harmonic throat singing followed by a single vinyasa flow. Honestly though, my process is always evolving and adapting. I could spend three or four days just getting panels put together and surfaces built up, or spend an entire day just staring at finished work in an attempt to locate the areas that I enjoy and want to use in future paintings.

Michael Reeder Goiter Yell 2

Do you have bursts of inspiration and create a lot all at once? Or is there a constant flow of new ideas for your work?

There is a constant flow. Often times the ideas and concepts in my head develop and progress way faster than I can actually implement and investigate in my actual work. I attempt to keep the piece (or pieces) that I’m working on open to fresh ideas throughout its creation. This helps keep me on my toes and not become married to the original concept as well as create stuff I otherwise would not have been able to envision early on.

Michael Reeder Eternal Mask

Were you always particular to painting, or was there another medium that initiated your style?

I have always been focused in 2-D work and my primary weapon of choice is paint. All kinds of paint. Most recently I have been combining oil and enamel as well as spray paint and acrylic. There is the occasional potassium silicate paint being used, but it’s rare.

Michael Reeder Screen Shot 2014

Do you collect anything?

Other than collecting debt I most recently started collecting art from trades that I’ve made with other artists. It’s so much fun. I really wish I could do it more often.

Michael Reeder Untitled Palette Portrait II

You work with a renowned mural company, feature artwork in galleries, and spend time freelancing graphic design. So, how do you relax?

Well, pretty much there’s zero time to relax. If I catch myself chillin for too long I know theres something Im putting off. However, when some relax time is needed I usually just hang out with my girlfriend and watch Cosmos with Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Michael Reeder Photo

What makes you happiest in life?

My girlfriend Rachel and our dog Zoe. I have learned that I am happiest when I’m being productive. I’m fortunate to have supporters and fans of my art, and I do my best to create new stuff for them as regularly as possible.

Check out Reeder’s work here: www.michael-reeder.com

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