necklacemacrame_lillianeelysian Blue Tan Macrame Art

Tanya Bagashka of Lilliane Elysian

I’ve worked with and shopped from Tanya Bagashka for a couple of years now, but I did not fathom the awe that I would learn from interviewing her. It’s always so interesting when artists use just as much of their technical human skills and interests as they’re abstract ones. Not to mention, her beautiful macramé […]

Screenprinted T-Shirt

Know Nina Marinick

DRINK MORE WATER. Pop Shop welcomes Miss Nina Marinick to the blog spotlight! Over the years, her work has slowly creeped into the scene and the streets of Houston. Symbols and slogans by her will be way recognizable to you after this interview. She’s everywhere! Please tell us a little about yourself and your artistic […]


Meet Artist Claire Ashley

Introducing Claire Ashley: She loves to explore and question the meaning behind our chosen mediums. Her works are constantly evolving, but here is a peak at an ensemble that is fun, playful and full of life–and helium! Art, imitating life, imitating art… Sculptures, imitating paintings, imitating sculptures… Meet Claire Ashley…   Please tell us a […]

Lauren Feehery el Fury stickers handmade goods

Meet Lauren of Houston’s El Fury

Miss Lauren was at our summertime Pop Shop event. Were you? We hope so! It was so much fun, and you wouldn’t wanna get too many FOMOs(feelings of missing out)!  Anywho, enough about that. Meet this fantastic, friendly and talented artist who dolls up some of our favorite characters with her charming illustrative style. She has written […]

Madelen Foss Illustration Space Girl Snake Tongue Cutie

Meet Artist & Illustrator Madelen Foss

Fangirls commence: I just interviewed Madelen Foss! This was one of the friendliest interviews I’ve ever edited. I feel like I know this sweet little lady. Trying to describe her illustrations brings to mind sweet-sticky candy and the set of Saved by the Bell.  Her style is very mid century retro with sassy, spacey components. I’m a […]