DIY Lemon Refrigerator Refresher for Spring Cleaning Perfection

DIY Lemon Refrigerator Refresher for Spring Cleaning Perfection

Here’s a simple DIY to refresh your fridge. It’s an easy way to stretch baking soda and get a clean smelling fridge in a pinch. If you don’t have extra boxes of baking soda lying around but want to add a fresh clean scent to your fridge or to a cooler, this is it. We love adding just a bit of essential oils and that’s what makes this DIY super special.

We chose lemon, but you could use other fresh clean scents like pine, or lavender. All you need are a few simple supplies:

  • Coffee Filters
  • Baking Soda
  • lemon essential oils -and/or- lemon peel
  • bakers twine


I used coffee filters because I already had some but you could use organza bags as well and give them as cute little gifts.Β  First cut your coffee filter into a square.

Then, add lemon essential oil. Add any amount of drops that you like but 20 should do the trick – the same amount that you would use for a candle. Use a peeler or knife to cut yourself a sprig of lemon peel and add that to your baking soda and lemon essential oil mixture. Be sure to give your lemon peel a little twist before you add it so that the oils will start to release.


Pull all the corners of the coffee filter together and tie it up in a cute little bow with the bakers twine.


Viola! You have a super simple DIY Fridge Refresher. Your fridge refresher can be opened up again when you want to add more essential oils or easily tossed away when you want to create a new one. They are inexpensive and only take a second to make!

Want to get creative with your essential oil scent combinations? Check out our pinterest board with lots of essential oil recipe ideas.

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