How to Make No Carve Ombre Painted Pumpkins

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Looking for a Halloween or fall decoration that’s less messy than scooping piles of innards? Or perhaps you’re like me, and the palette of fall’s oranges and browns just isn’t your style. Well good news- making super hip Ombre Pumpkins is easier than you think! You just need 2 paint colors, 2 brushes, and a pumpkin or gourd of your choice.

Paints for Creating Ombre Pumpkins | Step by Step Ombre Painting Instructions

So first let’s talk about choosing colors. Ombre is basically a hip word for perfect gradient and perfect shading from one color to another color. So you will want to pick two colors that work together. Check out the image of the paints above. You could try a sea punk blue to purple, a refined silver to white, or peacock blue to white. Bright surprising colors make this project pop so I choose hot pink to baby pink.

Supplies to DIY Your Own Ombre Pumpkin | How to Paint Ombre Step by Step Instructions | Fall Decor Ideas

Use a small brush for a small pumpkin or a big brush for a big pumpkin. Acrylic paint is ideal for a project like this but dries in just a few minutes. Be sure to paint quickly in order to finish painting the entire pumpkin quickly before the paint dries.  Whatever you do work quickly!

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Start with the darkest color along the bottom. Make a small ring around the base covering the pumpkin evenly. You don’t need to paint the bottom because no one will be able to see it and it will raise challenges in the drying process.  Your ring doesn’t have to have an even horizontal line. It’s actually better if you don’t follow a horizontal line and let it be a little messy around the top edge of color. The brush you use first and with your darkest color can be set aside because you won’t use it again.

How to Make an Ombre Pumpkin with Paint | Layering Ombre How to | Step by Step Ombre Paint Instructions

Use your clean brush to make a fresh ring of your lightest color around the top.

-Now We Ombre-

Make sure to have just a little bit of the lightest color on your brush. Dip it in the darker color and start making another ring above the darkest color along the bottom. Notice how this color is slightly lighter. Blend the two rings together.  Continue to make rings of color. Continue to make the rings upward. Add only the lighter color of paint to your brush as you work your way up.

layer 1 editlayer 2 edit

Because you want that gradient to be perfect keep smoothing the rings together to blend the shading of the paint.

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Your ombre pumpkins will take about 15 minutes to dry. Now make yourself a little festive scene to celebrate your super cute ombre pumpkins.

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