DIY Marbled Pumpkins – No Carve Pumpkins

Looking for an easy and gorgeous no carve pumpkin diy? Then you’ve gotta make these DIY Marbled Pumpkins. They are so fun and simple. They are modern and original. They’re not just great for Halloween, but perfect for the entire fall season!

You just need a few simple supplies:

White Acrylic Paint + A Foam Brush (for a base coat)
Nail Polish (in any color)
A Container Large Enough to Dip the Pumpkins
Warm/Hot Water


First, I gave a couple of DIY Marbled Pumpkins a layer of white. Using white pumpkins is ideal because you can skip this step but both will produce gorgeous pumpkins! Acrylic paint doesn’t take long to dry – usually 10 minutes.

Make sure your pumpkins are completely dry before moving on to the next step.



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Next, pour warm water into your container. Hot is okay. Lukewarm is okay too. It’s all about how thin or thick you want your DIY Marbled Pumpkins to look. Hotter water will make the nail polish disperse more for a wispy look. Cooler water will create thicker swirls.

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Swirl your nail polish around the surface of your water. And dip!




Tres gorgeous, right?!?


I love using a similar color palette for several DIY Marbled Pumpkins to create a set. This is a really pretty one because I used this coral as a just a little pop of fun against the teal.


You may want to change the water in between swirls to keep the color fresh. But it’s not necessary. You will always need to swirl more nail polish before dipping each pumpkin.


Make sure you set the DIY Marbled Pumpkins down on some butcher paper or any safe surface upside down. The pumpkins will dry in the same amount of time that it takes regular nail polish to dry.


And voila – DIY Marbled Pumpkins. Stylish & modern fall decor. No carve, unique, and simply gorgeous!




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