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Who said being single on Valentine’s Day is a bad thing? Being one of my favorite holidays, I get to spend the whole entire day appreciating my friends and family with handmade goodies. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers, it’s for friends, family, sisters, mom, colleagues, and all the people that you get to spend your time with.

Whether it’s a personal poem, pastel candy, or a custom-made Valentine’s card- I love letting people know how much they mean to me. That being said, being single on Valentine’s Day will definitely be the new kale!


Here’s some free printable Valentines perfect for makers, crafters, Pop Shoppers, any anyone looking for some holiday cuteness! These free printable Valentines contain lots of cute phrases, handmade products and people you might see around Pop Shop Houston Art Festival.

There are terrariums. There are body care products. We made a Valentine with an AirStream! And there are some with cool indie fashion too.

You can download them here for free! Choose from so many different designs.

free printable craft valentines by pop shop america diy blog

To create these Valentines, all you need is a home printer, plain white cardstock, and a pair of scissors. Below you will see links to all the Valentines that you see here in regular letter pages, each page containing 6 of each Valentine. Click any of the links below and download the Printable Valentines.

Cut them out with scissors and viola – crafty Valentines! Just click the button below to be transferred to each individual design.

If you like these free printable Valentines how about more free printables? It’s time to go printable crazy. There’s so many things you can do with paper and so many things you can make for not a lot of dough.

So here’s a few of our favorite printables from Pop Shop America DIY Blog.

Cactus Printable Set | Ice Cream Printables | Terrarium Printables | Citrus Slice Printablesenews new leaderboard pop shop america diy blog

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