How to Add the Perfect Finishing Touches to Your Home Decor

how to add the perfect finishing touches to your home decor

I was given products from Society6 to create this blog post. All thoughts and opinions are mine alone.

Looking for ways to turn your house into a home? It’s all about the finishing touches. Our home was looking plain, boring, and needed a kick of color. So I started to look for useful, functional items, that would add brightness and fit with my sense of style.

home decor from society6 box arrival

I found everything my heart could desire at Society6!

Society6 is an artist-driven marketplace that connects consumers with unique art designed by independent artists from across the world on a variety of 50+ products โ€“ from art prints, to pillows, to phone cases. Every order is custom made upon purchase and every purchase pays the artist who designed it.

Custom made and super fast shipping?! It’s the impossible dream of home decor.

opening up society6 pillows packaged pop shop america

Everything arrived within 7 or so business days. I shopped 2 pillows for our office, a new clock for our office, a rug for our kitchen, and a welcome mat for the front door.

I didn’t get items specifically for 1 room – I got a wide variety of items that I could use across multiple rooms.

Pro Tip 1: You don’t need to shop with one look in mind. Instead, shop the items that you really connect with. This prevented my house from feeling too matchy-matchy.

before and after graphic pop shop america

sofa without society6 pillows pop shop america

after adding pillows from society6 home decor

First of all, stylish pillows are an absolute must. This is a major improvement, am I right?! These are comfortable, cute, and add a pop of color to our home office sofa. My boyfriend actually picked out these pillows, but it’s really more of his home office than mine.

Pro Tip 2: Choose pillows that are multi-colored like these. They will last longer. Monochrome pillows will show their stains easier. Fabric fading will be more noticable in monochrome color pillows and fabrics as well.

handsome and cobra are best friends graphic pop shop america

handsome the cat with society6 pillows pop shop america

handsome the cat sleeping with a society6 pillow

cobra and handsome with society6 pillows pop shop america

handsome and cobra sitting together society6 pop shop america

cobra sleeping on the sofa for society6

Obviously our cats fell in love with these pillows too. It’s always the same story. Handsome finds a great spot. Cobra has to come sit with him. But then he can’t help it, it’s just too much. He has to take his spot! This happens over and over again until infinity. *SIGH* Boy cat friends are so crazy.

Pro Tip 3: Make a spritzer bottle of 80% water and 20% white vinegar. Gently shake and mist your furniture once a week or so to prevent animal orders without using perfumes.

brittany bly holding up a society6 clock

Next, I chose a wall clock. This one was my pick because you know how I feel about terrariums.This was my pick. When I saw it, I fell in love and had to get it!

Pro Tip 4: You do not need to know exactly where you want to use a functional home decor item. If it doesn’t provide direct use, it’s important to know where it will go. But a clock like this is helpful in any room and it takes up little space. So the question is, where does it look best?

terrarium clock from society6 home decor ideas

The kitchen was a maybe, but we ended up hanging this in the office as well. I will likely confiscate this and take it my business office. What’s great is that home goods from Society6 are perfect to keep forever!

close up detail of terrarium clock from society6

This small interior rug is perfect for a entranceway, a bathroom or by your kitchen sink. This is another item that we picked because we loved and tried it out in a few rooms before giving it a permanent home in the kitchen. It’s the perfect size for standing on while doing the dishes and it’s styled like a piece of modern art!

Pro Tip 5: Have plenty of home decor items like acrylic trays or indoor rugs like this. When you need a quick design refresh, simple rearrange your decor items across your home. Move your art prints and paintings around on the walls. Move your rugs from room to room.

how to decorate with society6 abstract rug pop shop america

My last pick sums up why I love Society6. Society6 perfect for anyone with unique taste like me. It’s perfect for a maker, designer, or anyone that loves handmade goods. All products are designed by an artist and with thousands of unique designs, you are able to find exactly what speaks to you!

make things welcome mat from society6

So check out Society6 or look below for even more home design inspiration. Good luck and happy decorating!

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