How to Make a DIY Rope Trivet

If you need a touch of farmhouse decor in your kitchen or home, you will love this simple DIY Rope Trivet. It’s perfect for so many things. You can use it as a hot plate in your kitchen. You can add a plant or a vase of flowers and place it in the center of any table as a decorative mat.

It’s pretty, simple and versatile.

So let’s get to making this DIY Rope Trivet.

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Supplies to make a DIY Rope Trivet:

Approximately 15 feet Natural Jute (3-Ply)
Hot Glue
Hot Glue Gun
Floral Shears

Optional: Embroidery Floss or Acrylic Paint (coming soon)

First of all, I used a soft flexible rope that’s almost half an inch thick. The natural jute doesn’t have any info on the packaging to say it’s weight or dimension – just that it’s 3-ply. You can use thicker or thinner rope. Just be prepared to need a different number of feet than what I used which was about 15 feet.

continue to wind the rope diy rope trivet craft tutorial

more spiraling of ripe diy trivet instructions

Start with your center. Use a tiny dab of hot glue to start your spiral. Be sure when creating your spiral that you are keeping it a circle shape and not making an oval.

Continue to add hot glue to the center of the jute – not the top and not the bottom. If you glue the top or bottom, it will show more which is something you don’t want. And you will need to be more careful with heat. Hot glue can melt again under high temperatures.

Glue your sections of jute around 1 inch at a time. Hold it in place for around 15 seconds and keep going. Once you use around 12 – 15 feet and your trivet is around xx inches across you can finish the trivet.

finish by cutting the rope diy hot plate trivet

To finish it, just cut the end of the jute at a stylish angle. You will need to use floral shears – scissors will not be strong enough. It will take several passes with the floral shears to completely cut the jute.

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If you see any hot glue on top, like mine, wait until the hot glue completely dries and then peel it off. And viola your very own stylish Rope Trivet! Wasn’t that simple and fast to make? Now it’s all about styling it.

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rope trivet place setting with tea pop shop america

You could use your trivet as a cute caddy for tea or how about adding a plant? There are so many possibilities! Show us how you styled your trivet in the comments below. And if you want to go one step further with the Rope Trivet – check out how to use the embroidery floss to give it color pops (coming soon) and how to paint it with acrylic paint (coming soon.)

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