Candy Painted Rope Trivet DIY

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Need something to brighten up your home with something functional and useful? This DIY Rope Trivet is perfect for the center of your table, as a decoration for a holiday feast, or on a shelf in your home.

It’s easy to make and full of bright colors. Best of all, you only need a couple of supplies to make it. So let’s go for it!

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continue to wind the rope diy rope trivet craft tutorial

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Supplies to Make a Candy Painted Rope Trivet:

Rope (Natural 3 Ply Jute is best)
Glue Gun + Many Pieces of Hot Glue
Acrylic Paint in: Baby Pink, White, Lemon Yellow, Surf Blue, And Lavender
A Flat Tipped or Angled Acrylic Paint Brush
A Paint Palette

If you want to focus in depth, just on making the rope trivet, take a look at this DIY Rope Trivet Blog Post here. It has all the same steps as this Candy Painted Version, but doesn’t use any paints or any color.

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And here are the basic steps for making the rope trivet. Get your hot glue gun ready. Make a length of about 15 feet of 3 ply jute. Start in the center, forming the rope into a circle. This will become the center of the trivet. Add lines of hot glue into the center, but not the top of the bottom of the trivet. Glue your rope in 1 inch pieces, hold it in place for a few seconds or until it sets and keep going.

Continue to make the circle of rope like a spiral that gets wider and wider. And continue to glue in 1 inch strips. Be sure to not add glue to the top or bottom – just the center. That will prevent it from showing once the Candy Painted Rope Trivet is finished. Once you have finished allow the hot glue to finish setting which should just take a few minutes. Use your hands to peel any part that still shows. Now it’s time to start painting!

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You can use a lightweight inexpensive paint or something that’s full bodied and nicer. I actually used a blend! Make sure you pick a palette that is bright and that pops! You will only need a tiny amount – perhaps a dime size or less. Squeeze these colors into a painter’s palette.

use a small amount of acrylic paint diy rope trivet pop shop america

Start with one of your lightest colors. Since the yellow matched the brown of the jute so well, I started with that. Otherwise, I would have started with the white paint. Paint the small twists of rope, just one tiny twist at a time. Try to be careful to paint inside the lines. The cleaner each piece will look the better.

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Continue to sporadically find sections to paint. Make sure that you find some on each side of the circle in addition to some on the center, middle and outside. Once you have a few of your first color painted, it’s time to add a new color!

To change colors, be sure to wash your brush completely and thoroughly with soap and water. Then dry with a paper towel. Since working from lightest to darkest is the easiest, I chose the white next.

adding color paint to the candy rope trivet diy with acrylic paint

Repeat your steps of sporadically finding just a few sections of jute to paint. Find some on each side. Find some in the interior, the middle and the outer parts of the Rope Trivet.

close up with the turquoise painted rope trivet pop shop america

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When you paint any of the sections on the outermost jute, you may want to continue your color along the sides like I did here. Continue to add sections of color from yellow to white and from pink and blue to purple.

finished painted rope trivet pop shop america

Once you have all of your colors finished, you may want to go back and add a few more color pops. Take a look at your overall composition and decide for yourself if you need any additional white… pink…. any colors you like.

Acrylic paint will take less than an hour to completely dry, and once it’s dry your DIY Candy Painted Rope Trivet is finished!

finished painted rope trivet diy pop shop america

This Candy Painted Rope Trivet is perfect to set a scene with a candle, like this. Or you can use it in the center of your table and add a plant. It’s a perfect setting for a bottle of wine or anything you like!

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If you make this Candy Painted Rope Trivet, tell us in the comments what colors of paint you choose! And happy crafting.

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