How to Make Iced Coffee – Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

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Y’All this is crazy. I’m in the middle of Hurricane Harvey and so my brain is only thinking about the most practical diy’s. First, I was sharing this easy candle tutorial and this one here.

These candles are great DIYs because supplies run scarce during hurricanes but craft supplies run rampant. It’s often easier to grab some soy wax or beeswax than to go to the grocery store for candles, batteries, and flashlights.

Now I’m thinking about how I’m going to get my coffee if I lose electricity.

I know cold brew is really cool. But I’m a hot coffee kinda gal!

The great thing about cold brew is that it’s really easy to make and a fun way to mix up your morning routine. It’s great for camping, traveling, and great for if you lose electricity. Iced coffee is also summer perfect! It’s the perfect beverage for a hot morning outside. All you need are a few simple ingredients and a whole lot of time! It’s important to know before you start out, that cold brew coffee takes at least 18 hours to prepare. But it’s oh so easy!

We’ll explain our methods with lots of Cold Brew Tips and Tricks. If you just want the recipe, scroll to the bottom and print or save!

You can make cold brew coffee from scratch or from a kit like this one.

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The kit is the exact same thing as homemade. The only difference is that the kits contain pre-made and pre-measured coffee bags.

To make Homemade Cold Brew Coffee, you will bag your coffee yourself.

Luckily there are lots of easy methods to bagging coffee! There isn’t just one way to do it. You likely already have the supplies you need at your house.

how to make cold brew coffee - iced coffee recipe

To bag your coffee, you can use:

Best: Coffee Filters Folded like This
A Muslin Bag
Cheesecloth (with Coarsely Ground Coffee Beans)
If Desperate, clearing out filled Tea Bags will Work

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You don’t need to make your Cold Brew Coffee 2 quarts at a time like we did. You can convert our measurements. For example, to make 1 quart, use 1/2 cup of ground coffee.

Make sure that your bags are completely submerged in the water. Cover your cold brew mixture, and let it set for 18-24 hours. You can let it brew on a counter or in your refrigerator. Either one is totally fine! The colder it’s brew spot, the longer you will want your coffee to steep.

Once you are done brewing, remove the bags, and store in a pitcher with a lid or mason jar in the fridge.

Below is the Easy Recipe that you can Print & Save!

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how to make iced coffee pop shop america

How to Make Iced Coffee - Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

Brittany Bly
Who knew how easy it is to make Cold Brew Coffee!  Iced Coffee is perfect for traveling, camping, or when the summer is just so hot.  Make it with this simple recipe.
Prep Time 18 hours
Course Beverage
Servings 24 Servings


  • 2 quarts Water
  • 1 cup Ground Coffee
  • 1 Muslin Bag check below or the blog post for substitutes!
  • 1 large Pitcher w/Lid


  • Add your ground coffee to your muslin bag.
  • If you don't have a muslin bag, you can use cheesecloth, coffee filters, and other things.  Read the blog body for more info!
  • Fill your pitcher with water and add your coffee filled muslin bag.
  • Completely submerge the coffee and cover the top of the pitcher.
  • Let your coffee soak for at least 18-24 hours either on the counter or in the fridge.
  • After 18-24 hours, remove the muslin bag.
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how to make iced coffee pop shop america

iced coffee recipe pop shop america

Pour your cold brew over ice and serve! Need it sweet? Add simple syrup instead of your usual sugar. Coffee too strong? Just add water! Think of your Cold Brew as a concentrate, until you get the depth of coffee that you like.

And Viola! Caffeinate in style!

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