How to Make Fruit & Edible Flower Topped Cupcakes

What’s prettier than these Fruit & Edible Flower Topped Cupcakes? I will tell you what right now: nothing! These are the prettiest cupcakes in the whole world and they are so easy to make. I like to bake the cupcakes from scratch (we included a recipe below) but honestly – you could buy store bought cupcakes and decorate them to make them just as cute as what you see here..

All you need are a few supplies and a few easy steps.

First of all, you need every kind of gorgeous and dream fruit that you can find.

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For these Fruit & Edible Flower Topped Cupcakes I Used:

Green Grapes
Purple Grapes
& Mint

In Addition: Several Different Types of Edible Flowers

Optional: Sprinkles

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Not familiar with Edible Flowers? Use this handy chart to learn about the most common varieties! If you can’t find any that are listed here, the easiest and most common edible flowers are Orchids and Roses. Orchids are in the same family as the vanilla bean and roses are in the same family as strawberries and apples.

There are lots of different varieties of edible flowers and most can be found in your backyard, at a nice grocery store like Whole Foods, or at a Farmer’s Market.

But there is a little quirk in working with edible flowers: They are quite bitter!

They are certainly not the most delicious and you may want to consider removing the flowers before you eat your Fruit & Edible Flower Topped Cupcakes. But they are just so dreamy to look at! Edible Flowers are irresistible.

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Here’s how I made them.

First, you need a solid cupcake recipe like this one here. You will also want a tasty and delicious frosting recipe. This vanilla buttercream is perfect. Once you bake your cupcakes, half of your battle is won. In these, I used a touch of color in the frosting. You could use pink, melon colored, or whatever you like!

You could even use something different like donuts or sugar cookies like this.

From here it’s all about the cute!

Make sure your fruit and edible flowers are thoroughly washed and thoroughly dried. Chop your fruit into lots of different shapes and sizes. 

What makes these cupcakes special is that everyone is different! We used a few pomegranates on some, and a sprig of mint on others.

We used multiple slices of nectarines, and bunches of grapes on others. Every individual cupcake is it’s own work of art.

If you want a super bright, gorgeous, and colorful blend you may want to add some more exotic fruit. Think dragonfruit, loquats, kumquats, blood oranges, and lychees. Anything interesting and unique will give your cupcakes something truly special.

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Cupcakes this cute are perfect for a bridal shower, kids princess party, or as a gift too.

So what are you going to do with your gorgeous Fruit & Edible Flower Topped Cupcakes?

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