Instagram Accounts that Will Promote Your Handmade Business

14 instagram accounts that will promote your handmade business

Growing your Instagram is a unique challenge and super important to a visual business. Instagram is a high profile social media where your number of followers and likes per image counts a lot. Your likes and number of followers determines your credibility as a business.

So how to you maximize exposure and gain new followers?

The daily grind is the most important thing you can do. That means spending time on Instagram everyday and finding relevant content. Liking and commenting genuinely on similar channels as well as offering helpful unique insight is the best way to be noticed. It’s also important to remember that with Instagram, you want to create useful, helpful, perfectly engaging content for your audience. It’s your responsibility to give them something great – and that should be fun!

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A great way to get started is to follow the top 5-10 hashtags for your field. Everyday see what kind of content in your niche inspires you. Say hi, have conversations, and tell them why you like it. This will help you gain visibility in a genuine and authentic way. Also be sure that you are using relevant hashtags.

Although I’m a big fan of running our own ads on Instagram (here’s my last one), I don’t think that people should pay much. I do no pay for Instagram posts at over $1 per engagement and try to limit mine to about $.60 since per. I recommend you consider what your goods are worth, and set a low price point per engagement.

I also personally love here list of Instagram Businesses that Run Ads and Promote Handmade Shops and Etsy shops on Instagram. They are super affordable and they will reach your niche audience well.

I’ve tried every single one and I’ve given a bit of feedback of each. Some work. Some are awesome. Some don’t.


Pop Shop America

Maker Monday at Pop Shop America features a new maker all day long. There are multiple Instagram posts & Instastories included. This channel is by application for $15 and if approved, makers will also be included in a private Facebook group, have access to Pop Shop America in person pop ups, and will be made a contributor to a Pop Shop America pinterest board.


Hello Love Handmade

My favorite thing about Hello Love Handmade are the Monthly Loop Giveaways. I participate almost every month and gain several hundred followers per month. They aren’t terribly engaged users, but that’s always going to be an issue the bigger your following gets. The more followers you have the more Instagram will want you to pay for your content to reach its audience. So it’s a problem that I would expect regardless. And it will push you to create better content that is more popular with your audience.

The Handmade Parade

I’ve watched The Handmade Parade grow like crazy! And it’s only $12 per feature which is pretty great price. In fact all of these channels are ready affordable. I would say just as affordable as paying Instagram directly to run an ad from your own account. And I believe it to be just as effective because you are targeting your niche audience. That’s why any criticism of advertising through featured channels should be brushed off.

Maker’s Village

Maker’s Village has one of the larger followings and is one of the most respected Featured Instagram Channels that promote Handmade Shops. They also have fun, quirky taste that’s great for their followers.

Creators Lane

Creator’s Lane is another not-to-be-missed channel because it’s full of bright gorgeous photos and also very affordable to run ads. Creator’s Lane is only $15!

Handmade Revolution

Handmade Revolution has a smaller audience has awesome customer service. For your Handmade Shop to be featured on this channel, it will only cost $6 (or $10 for 2 posts)

Exclusively Etsy

Like the name implies, Exclusively Etsy is great for Etsy shops and all things handmade. This is actually a two in one because they also run a similar and slightly smaller account (that still has a HUGE following) called Exclusively Handmade.

Uniquely Etsy

I love the vibe of Uniquely Etsy with so many art object and jewelry too. Of all the Instagram Channels on the list this channel may be the most affordable per their amount of followers.

Handmade Loves

What I love about Handmade Loves is that they have a blog where they feature handmade shops in addition to a Instagram Promotional account. This is a great place if you are looking for handmade shoppers outside of just Instagram.

Craft Curate

Bonus: Hashtag for a Chance

to Be Featured Accounts

Handmade Curator


Handmade is Better

Small Business Love

Let’s Stay Friends!

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