Local Fashion Designers Star at Fashion Houston

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Night 4 of Fashion Houston, a week long series of high fashion runway shows by celebrity designers, was needless to say-EPIC.

It was full of cocktails, dance music, princesses and well dressed gentleman. But there was something truly special about this night. It was the night that local fashion designers Chloe Dao and Jio’Zei Reyes took the stage. In order of appearance the featured designers were: Bibhu Mohapatra, Rebecca Minkoff, Jio’Zei Reyes, Rolando Santana, and Chloe Dao. These designers fit together well with themes of office wear deconstructed and a highly graphic color palette with geometric patterning in the garments. The style resembled when minimalism painting started changing into geometric pop art.

The first fashion designer showcased was Bibhu Mohapatra who showed length, class, and several fascinating jumpers and pants suits.

With Rebecca Minkoff it was all about the shoes and accessories. Heels with Aztec style geometric patterning and super cozy looking flats with a million leather straps wrapping the ankle in every direction.


Jio’Zei Reyes‘ work was about angles. It had an almost 80’s vintage aesthetic but also very Houston. Several garments reminded me of the Rothko Chapel in which you have to wait patiently for your eyes to adjust before you can see the variation of color. His dresses had panels of navy and palettes of indigo which played with your eye, like the Rothko paintings.


Rolando Santana was a dream. It started out in patterns of glitched out tv’s. Then came color blocks. Then it was tiny minimal patterns resembling Agnes Martin. The color palette was seapunk and Rolando definitely mesmerized the guests.


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The headliner was Chloe Dao, our hometown hero, and it was simply perfection. She showed perfect shapes, perfect lines, beautiful patterns, and a great wintery palette of navy, cream, and magenta. And get this-the models were smiling. All of them. They looked happy.

Fashion Houston has their last event tonight at the Wortham Center and features David Peck.

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