Moss Easter Egg Topiary DIY

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Looking for an idea to spring into the season? This Moss Easter Egg Topiary is the perfect DIY to get you in the spirit!

It’s just about the cutest way to craft with eggs for the holiday. And confession: I love Easter Decorations, more than I love Easter, because sweet, colorful, bunny filled decorations are totally my style. If I had it my way, I’d decorate in the style of Easter all year round.

So let’s make this gorgeous Moss Easter Egg Topiary!

how to make a topiary with a foam ball and birch wood

Supplies to Make a Moss Easter Egg Topiary:

Any Small Shallow Bowl (with a flat bottom)
White Rocks (Aquarium Rocks work well)
4-6 Inch Piece of Birch Wood
1 3 inch Styrofoam Ball
1 Dozen Natural Style Faux Eggs (These would be perfect)
1 Bag Forest Moss like this (NOT Spanish Moss or Reindeer Moss!)

Plus You Will Need:
A Hot Glue Gun with Plenty of Hot Glue

Now we are going to make a perfect faux tree for your Easter Tablescape!

next add natural eggs to make an easter topiary

Step 1: Hot Gluing All Your Pieces

Hot glue is perfect for this topiary because you can take the main pieces apart later! Start by gluing the birch twig to the center of your shallow bowl. You will need to hold it in place for a few seconds. Don’t worry if it’s wobbly. Once you fill it with rocks, the rocks will hold it into place!

Next, glue your styrofoam ball, with the same technique as your birch wood base, to the top of the birch twig. Don’t get crazy and use a styrofoam ball that’s bigger than 3 inches! If you do, you will need A LOT of moss and eggs to cover it. Remember the moss and eggs increase the size.

After that glue your faux eggs.

finished natural egg and moss topiary easter decoration

Step 2: Cover the Styrofoam Ball with Spotted Eggs & Moss

To glue your faux eggs, add a dime size amount hot glue to the wider flatter side of the eggs. Evenly space them around the entire styrofoam ball. You may also need to hold them in place. And it may help to a touch of hot glue to the styrofoam ball itself. With some styrofoam, it almost disappears the glue so adding glue directly to the styrofoam may or may not be helpful! Whatever you do, be sure that the eggs are firmly in place.

Last, cover the rest of the styrofoam ball, anything white you can see, with the forest moss. You can tear the moss or cut the moss to trim it to the size you need. You can even glue it to the edges of the eggs if you need to.

Be sure to cover the bottom of the ball so that your ball becomes a perfectly green topiary from every angle!

finished easter topiary tablesetting pop shop america

Step 3: Enjoy

Now, your Moss Easter Egg Topiary is ready to be center stage all spring! You could place it next to your favorite Easter dessert or add chocolate, Filled Toy Easter Eggs, and fun gifts for kids all around.

Whatever you do, this Moss Easter Egg Topiary is going to be the star! It’s so cute and dreamy!

Happy crafting friends.

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