Pup Shop Houston and the Crafty Kitties

Pup Shop Houston at the Craft Kitties | Puppies with Crafts and Cats with Crafts

What’s better than cats on the internet? I know! Cats and dogs with Crafts on the internet! Here are some of the animals that belong to Pop Shop Houston attendees showing off their handmade goods that they got at the festival.

Pup Shop Houston | Dogs with Bowties | Dogs with Crafts from Pop Shop Houston Art Festival

We call it Pup Shop Houston and the Crafty Kitties! Send us your cute cat and dog photos hanging out in your art studio or hanging out with cool crafts and we’ll add them to our blog here.

Wallet by Sid Rebel | Adventure Time Wallet with Vincent Dog wearing Crafts | Pup Shop Houston

Want a Pup Shop Houston and the Crafty Kitties t-shirt? Score one right here.

pup shop houston | Dogs helping crafters | Puppies with Handmade Soap | Silly Dog Photos

Pup Shop Houston and the Crafty Kitties with Barking Bunny Painting | Art by Veronica Triplett | Cats and Crafts

Let’s Stay Friends!

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