19 Fun & Easy Shrinky Dink Craft Ideas

different ideas with shrinky dinks from the pop shop america craft class

Shrinky Dinks are about the easiest, cutest and most fun thing in the world. You can make them into anything!

Here’s a list of our top 5 Shrinky Dink products available on Etsy (US). All of these particular shrinkies have been made into jewelry. Jewelry is a particularly perfect product to make with shrinky dinks because the finished item is a lightweight and thin piece of plastic that’s also incredibly durable.

You can also make shrinky dinks into miniature artwork and cabochons. Get some ideas for your own because here on the blog you kind find a couple of easy tricks for making your printable shrinky dinks!

Kawaii Pretzel Shrinky Dink Earrings | Stud Earrings with Happy Face Pretzel | The Coolest Shrinky Dink Jewelry | Handmade Jewelry on Etsy

Pretzels – Unicorn Crafts

This handmade company makes jewelry sweet enough to give you a cavity! Take a look at her other food jewelry like bright yellow pineapple earrings and halved avocados with smiling faces.

Paper Airplane Earrings | Handmade Shrinky Dink Earrings | Etsy

Paper Airplane Shrinky Dink Earrings- House of Hades

House of Hades is located in Pittsburg PA. In their etsy shop you can find necklaces with Wu-Tang lyrics, The X-Files jewelry,love letters, pizza and UFO’s. Their handmade jewelry is part magical, part rock and roll, and part fun.

Two Girls Brooches | Etsy | Shrinky Dink Jewelry

Modern Girls- Kids in Nagano Etsy Shop

These girl brooches are made by a Japanese artist that lives in London. They are part abstract and part modern pointillism images of ice cream cones, food, and lots and lots of girls. They are reminiscent of Roy Lichtenstein’s pop art girls or Modigiliani’s sad eyed girls and have a fine art sensibility about them. You can find more handmade jewelry and cool collectables by Kagami on Etsy.

Hand Drawn Kitten Earrings | Etsy | Shrinky Dink Earrings

Kittens Earrings by Sarah Brown

Sarah is an artist that grew up in a household full of talent. And these pieces of jewelry are like miniatures that you might find in a doll house. Take a look at her other animal creations, huggable stuffed beasts, and jewelry in her Etsy Shop.

Feathers Shrinky Dink Earrings | Faux Feather Earrings | Etsy

Shrinky Dink Feather Earrings by Moonstrukk

Making the pattern and shape of feathers in shrinky dink gives these earrings a modern and contemporary feel. Adding stones makes them even more unique. Take a look at Moonstrukk’s  dreamcatcher earrings and patterned jewelry and art. They are part vintage tattoo inspired, Americana, and Native American styles.

Lakitus Cloud Stud Earrings | Nintendo Jewelry

Lakitu’s Cloud – Cloud Earrings by Math Attack

Printable shrinky dink can be super fun and versatile too! Just take a look at this Lakitu’s Cloud a character from the original Super Mario Bros – the video game for the 1980’s Nintendo. You don’t have to be a fan of video games to love these happy faced clouds! These earrings are handmade by Math Attack and available for purchase on Etsy.

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