How to Plan and Style Your Own Vintage Photo Shoot

How to Plan and Style Your Own Vintage Photo Shoot

When it comes to vintage and styling a vintage photo shoot, I’ve come to know a thing or two about making it work for me and the time allotted for the shoot. Some shoots have been spontaneous, while most are usually planned ahead of time.


Houston blogger Pride Wall vintage clothing Sofia Emm


Before I even reach out to my photographer, I have to make sure I have a theme and some sort of outfit inspiration for the upcoming shoot. I would also look at Instagram or Pinterest for posing and location inspiration. I want to try to at least have 3-5 looks picked out, just so I know the time is utilized efficiently.  I usually make sure everything (accessories + apparel) are pulled the night before the shoot and are within easy access to grab and put in the car the next morning.


Houston blogger vintage outfit tiled wall Sofia Emm


My photographer and I tend to shoot in the morning, when the natural light isn’t so harsh. Depending on the location, I usually have to plan on changing in the car, though I’ll arrive already in my first look. That may sound horrendous, but when you’re limited on time and changing room accessibility, this is the next best thing! If you are somewhere where there’s a decent hotel nearby, you have that option of going there and asking them if you can use their lobby restroom to change. I was able to do that with a hotel in Downtown Houston, and they were more than accommodating.


vintage new clothing styling Houston blogger Big Bertha's Paradise


Once you feel like you have all your ‘ducks in a row,’ go ahead and have that shoot! Or just do an impromptu shoot (like I do sometimes)… Go grab that vintage outfit you’ve been dying to put on, and grab your friend to take photos in front of a cool wall or background in your town!


Houston blogger vintage clothing striped shorts Sofia Emm


Houston blogger vintage Chanel Midtown Sofia Emm

Houston blogger Zimmerman Feathers White Outfit Big Bertha's Paradise

**Images by Sofia Emm and Big Bertha’s Paradise

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