10 DIY Himmeli Tutorials that Perfectly Pair with Plants

10 diy himmeli tutorials pop shop america

Everyone has seen these but no one (including me) knows their name or how it’s pronounced. So let me introduce you to the wonderful world of Himmeli. They are totally fabulous open sculptures made from metal and connected through a series of geometric shapes. I fell in love with them because they combine my passion for stylish planters and my love of geometric shaped home goods.

Himmeli geometric shapes can be mounted to the wall as wall decor. They can sit tabletop as a cool sculpture and they can hang from the ceiling as a hanging sculpture or a hanging planter.

They can also be made in a wide range of shapes! And before this, I had never considered is how much the materials can vary. Although, classically they would be made with copper tube, a few of these tutorials these tutorials use coffee straws and regular straws. So let’s get to checking out these 10 DIY Himmeli Planter Tutorials that are all different and all fabulous.

Simple Himmeli Hanging Planters

A video is worth a thousand pictures, am I right?! So let’s get started with a DIY Himmeli video. Tiffyquakes instructions are easy to follow and her explanations are great. That makes this an awesome tutorial to get started.

I love her little touches of adding objects like crystals. What a stylish idea! But more than anything else, I see air plants paired with Himmeli. And air plants fit just perfectly (we have some additional examples here.)

Hanging Himmeli Sculptures


These DIY Himmeli Hanging Sculptures are simple and look gorgeous in groups. This would be the perfect home decor for a space that you just don’t know what to do with or if you need something high.

And this is the perfect image to discuss mounting himmeli to the wall. For a wall mounting, you need one flat side. Because these are 3 dimensional, they are better for free floating.

DIY Himmeli with Ceramic Planter


This DIY Copper Himmeli has a flat base so that you can add a planter. Although air plants are a great fit because you can be taken in and out for waterings, succulents, ferns, and ivy are also fabulous too!

The important part is to use remember that the Himmeli pieces are held together with wire or sometimes fishing line. So making sure your connections are strong and that are using heavy duty materials is a must. And it’s helpful to consider hanging lightweight, small objects.

Tabletop Himmeli Accessories DIY

diy himmeli plant accessory made with straws

Now this is the first DIY on this list, that isn’t made with a copper tube. This Himmeli Sculpture is made with straws and then painted! Although straws cannot bear any weight and are a bit flexible, this is a great way to bypass a tube cutter and other supplies. Tube cutters are affordable but may be worthless to keep in a studio, if you are only making Himmeli once or twice.

Diamond Himmeli Air Plant Holders

copper air plant holders himmeli diy

I am just obsessed with this look. Can I live here please? This Himmeli Hanging Planter is another simple easy to follow version. And it shows that simple and well made goods can be pure style.

Rose Gold Himmeli Hanging Planter


This Himmeli Planter is teeny tiny and perfect for a succulent. You might have noticed that Himmeli Planters are made up of tons of triangles. They can range from simple to quite complex. Although we applaud anyone that can free think these shapes, all of the tutorials here have measurements and patterns that should be followed.

DIY Layered Himmeli Succulent Holders


You know I love I Spy DIY! And these Himmeli Tabletop Succulent Holders are just perfect. I love the shelf that is created to hold the succulents up high inside the himmeli.

Gold Painted Himmeli Decor DIY with Straws


Here is another example of Himmeli made with straws. What’s particularly great about these, is that the straw connections are finished and sealed which transforms the materials.

Gold Painted Himmeli Decor DIY with Straws

diyinpdx blog himmeli hangers with coffee straws

Did I mention coffee straws? If you want to DIY an Himmeli that is thin and small, coffee straws may be the perfect fit.

Gold Painted Himmeli Decor DIY with Straws

himmeli sculpture diy ash and crafts blog

Everything in this image is faux! The himmeli is made with coffee stirrers just like the tutorial above. And the succulents are made with crepe paper! You can always use unusual materials to create great crafts.

So which DIY Himmeli Tutorial are you going to try? And what materials will you use to create your Himmeli? Tell us in the comments.

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