How to Make a Simple Circuit

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Because you are never too young or too old for a stylish and versatile STEM project! In this tutorial, learn to make a simple circuit with just a few supplies and then light up your own LED light.

The light we used for this project may be small, but it’s so bright that’s it’s perfect for a night light, or to set the mood at a dinner table. The light may be small but it packs a big punch!

This DIY is included in this month’s Craft in Style Subscription Box. That’s our monthly subscription box full of cool craft supplies and different projects each month. Here are the other parts included in the kit:

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So let’s get to making.

how to make a simple circuit led light diy pop shop america

Supplies to make a Paper Circuit

March 2019 Craft in Style Subscription Box
This Paper Circuit Template Download (Printed on Card Stock)
Copper Foil Tape by 3M
LED Lights (DC 3V 20mA: High Intensity Light)
Scotch Tape
A Watch Battery (Coin Cell Battery 3V 20X3.2MM 225mAH)
A Binder Clip

adding the copper tape to the circuit template pop shop america

First start by attaching the copper tape to your template. I started on the left but anywhere is fine. Be sure that your tape reaches to the center of the circles in the upper left. That’s where your battery will go.


Paper Circuit Template Pop Shop America_small

make a corner with copper tape led light circuit

Next, when you are creating corners, be sure that the tape overlaps. One piece should be on top of the other.

finished diy paper circuit with copper tape pop shop america

Next, be sure to leave a space on the right side for your LED light. The two wires that hang down are called leads. Bend them and attach one to each side of the copper tape. Scotch tape is perfect for this and packaging tape will work too.

add the battery to the paper circuit template pop shop america

Now we’re almost done learning How to Make a Simple Circuit! The battery will have a positive and a negative side and your template is marked with a positive and negative side as well. Place the battery correctly and fold the paper over. You will want your battery to touch both the positive and negative circles on your circuit template. This will complete the circuit!

To hold the light on and to hold the battery in place, use a binder clip. Just clip the battery exactly where you want it to go. And to turn the light off, unclip the battery! Viola. Let there be light. And if you need to grab this kit for yourself, don’t miss the March 2019 Craft in Style Subscription Box.

how to make a simple circuit diy pop shop america craft in style box

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