10 Things You Can DIY with Free Printables

10 + things you can diy with free printables

We love free printables! You can find so many from us at Pop Shop America. They are an easy and quick way to DIY without needing a lot of supplies. You just need a printer, perhaps some scissors and a great imagination!

We’ve made holiday printables with snowflakes and Valentine’s Day Cards too. But if they don’t have a distinct purpose, like the Valentine’s Cards, then sometimes it’s confusing to even know what to do with them.

Here’s lots of ideas, 10 Things You Can DIY with Free Printables – plus we’ve added a couple of bonus ideas in case 10 isn’t enough.

So have fun crafting!

Shrinky Dinks

halloween shrinky dink patterns

Shrinky Dinks are the perfect printable DIY. Shrinky Dink paper is a standard size of copy paper and makes great keychains, jewelry, earrings and other cute things! Here are some spooky black and white Shrinky Dink Printables and here are some Summer Shrinky Dink Printables with cute burgers, snow cones, and more.

Greeting Cards

succulent valentines terrarium valentines free printables by pop shop america

Free Printables make adorable little greeting cards! Here’s one of our most popular – Bear & Bunny Printable Greeting Card.

Gift Tags & Ornaments

terrarium gift tag printables

Gift tags are a perfect use of free printables. All you need is some twine and a hole punch. Here are some Terrarium Printables that make great gift tags. And these Ice Cream Cone Printables are pretty fabulous too.

Wrapping Paper


Have tiny packages that need something special? Free printables make the perfect wrapping paper! For bigger gifts you could always print them out on larger paper at the copy store or take the best elements (like these lemons above) and attach them to you gift.

Cut Outs

cut out the ice cream cones free printables

The lemons above are a perfect example of cut outs! Cut out the favorite parts of your free printables and add them to anything. Print them on card stock and stand them up as little decorations, add them to gift packaging, or decoupage your entire world!

Temporary Tattoos

Temporary Tattoos - Handdrawn Peony Tattoo

Use tattoo paper to print out any printables and make them to fun addition to your body. Here’s our DIY Tattoo Blog Post which will give you some cool ideas.

Book Covers

DIY Dust Jacket

Print your art big to make these gorgeous book covers! You can find the DIY Tutorial here. They don’t have to just be color blocked. You could use any free printables to make these book covers.

Framed Art

yeats watercolor print free printables

What’s more simple than this? Love a print just print it out and frame it! Here’s a cute Yeat’s Quote and here’s another Dreamcatcher Printable with a cool Wolf Quote.

Planner Accents: Dividers and Bookmarks

DIY Papercut Animal Bookmarks

I love Lia Griffith! Here’s a cute printable bookmark that you can download from her website. Bookmarks, stickers, and goods for your planner are the perfect use of free printables.

Coloring Pages


Any black and white printables are perfect for coloring. Here’s our Terrarium Coloring pages that are so fun. You can find lots more cool coloring pages here.

Photo Transfers

finished wood block photo transfers hero photo

Print any freebie onto a wood block like this. Get the DIY of how to make a wood block transfer print here.


Mod-Podge-Magnets- diy magnets pop shop america crafts blog

How about these cute nautical magnets? Tiny printables are great for pendants and magnets. Here’s an easy tutorial from Mod Podge to follow along.

Murals & Posters

brenda and brittany free printable mandala coloring poster

Oversized printables are really fun. Here’s a giant Mandala wheatpaste poster that we made a few Pop Shop Houston Festivals ago. You can print your own and make it really huge! If you are looking for other oversized printables look for .ai and .eps files.

And didn’t get enough free printables yet? Here’s our master list of free printables here!

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