The Best Hula Hoop Tutorial Videos

the best hula hoop tricks video tutorials

Last year, we made a really great video about how to make your own hula hoop! Hula hoops are fun, perfect for festivals and perfect for the summer. They are easy to DIY and so popular. You can watch our tutorial video here.

So why stop at building your DIY hula Hoop? Here are the Best Hula Hoop Tutorial Videos that you can find online!

All of these videos here come from channels that have lots of different hula hoop tricks – more than just the ones shown here. These tricks are our absolute favorites and cover lots of different. Some are easy while other’s are more advanced. Be sure to read until the end for some more helpful tricks from us avid hula hoopers at Pop Shop America.

[Tweet “Think of the hula hoop as a screw that moves in seamless spirals up and down the body. More:”]

The above two videos are pretty fun beginner tricks. That’s not to say that it will be totally easy but they are definitely some of the first that you should learn. There’s a quirk with learning new hula hoop tricks – they don’t always come to everyone in the same order. If you get stuck on one, try another. You may be better at some than others!

[Tweet “To lift a hoop you have to get underneath and twist. Remember that you are always working against gravity. More:”]

These two are more advanced! But they are so cool! They will take some time and there are some techniques that must be learned before you can get the hang of these. But they are great goals and also make cool videos to watch.

[Tweet “Want to look like a professional hooper? It’s easy! Relax and let your body flow freely. Be comfortable.More:”]

And this one is just for fun! Isn’t she an amazing hooper? Hope that one day you have these skills too. And don’t forget there are so many more tricks that exist and all these channels have tons of instructional videos!

hula hooping outside still - the best hula hooping videos

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